Perfect Power Drive – October 25th – Save the Date

Block off your calendar now. We will be having a drive on October 25th in the Northern Suburbs.

The details are still being worked out, but the drive will culminate at Perfect Power where we'll discuss general car maintenance, aftermarket mods, racing, and have a Q&A session.

Stay tuned for more information.

9 thoughts on “Perfect Power Drive – October 25th – Save the Date

  1. You finally have an event on a day I have off of work! Do you mind if a milwaukean joins your group? Keep me up to date if you could with info, I would greatly apprecaite it.

    cheers, jason

  2. Jason,

    Come on down and check us out.. Keep an eye this site. We should have more details about the ride very soon

  3. Jason,
    Definetly plan on attending.
    Chicago MINI Club members include several Wisconsin people, like me for example.

    Ron Antrim
    Event Coordinator
    Chicago MINI Motoring Club

  4. I have that day off, I own a mini, can i come? :-p

    now hopefully im not forgeting anything important thats happening on that date.

  5. Steve,

    Details, details, details,……..I NEED more Details! (lol) What Time, and Where, will we be meeting?

    For those that can't make the Drive but want the “Tour” of Perfect Power, what time do you think you will be arriveing there?

  6. I have downloaded the application, I figure I can bring this on Sunday. Is anyone meeting out west…Wheaton, Naperville. I am in Batavia.


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