Track Day and Driver's School on Sunday, October 12th

If anyone out there is itching to get out on the track, there is an event at GingerMan Raceway in South Haven, Michigan being put on by the Honda S2000 Club that is welcoming any MINIs who are interested. They have generously offered to let us in for the S2KC rate of $135!

Please check out my post on MCO if you are interested by clicking HERE. Hope to see you there!

4 thoughts on “Track Day and Driver's School on Sunday, October 12th

  1. This is a very nice track for the MINI but it will eat tires 馃檪 Hmmm, wonder if I can make it. Maxwell, can we get the club price in another car or would we need to bring the MINI? I have something else I've been trying to get to a track this season and she *might* be ready by then…

  2. To be perfectly honest, they've still got a TON of space left for this event, so I think that you could bring whatever sort of car you wanted for the same price.

    Any hints as to what your secret ride is?

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