Announcing the Fall Drive/Perfect Power Tech Session

Here's are all the details of our upcoming Fall Drive and Pefect Power Tech Session:

When: October 25th at 8:00 am.

Meeting Point: Plaza de Lago in Wilmette just off of Sheridan Rd. You can see a map of the area here (the red star is our meeting point)

The Plan: We'll be taking Sheridan Rd. all the way up past Lake Bluff (with some small interesting detours) and then over to Pefect Power – local shop that specializes in performance modifications to the new MINI. Once at Perfect Power we will have a MINI tech session where we will spend two hours going over everything about the MINI from regular maintenance to professional modifications. We do ask that everyone bring their own chair for the session. This will be important because if you don't have a chair with you – you'll have to stand 馃檪

It's also worth nothing that while this drive is for members only but we're happy to have guests along who are interested in joining the Chicago MINI Motoring Club.

Here's a map of our route up Sheridan and then one of our trip over to Perfect Power.

After our tech session those with time are welcome to head over to the Cubby Bear North (on Milwaukee Ave. in Lincolnshire for lunch.

Here's the full list of topics that Perfect Power will touch on during our two hour tech session:

  • I. Maintenance
    • A. Oil change interval
    • B. Oil type
    • C. Filters
    • D. Types of fuel
    • E. Brake bleeding
    • F. Brake pad wear
  • II. Modifications
    • A. Engine
      • 1. Pulley
      • 2. ECU
      • 3. Headers
      • 4. 200 cell catalytic converter
      • 5. Exhaust system
      • 6. Cold air intake
      • 7. Cowl modifications
      • 8. Camshaft
      • 9. Cylinder head porting
      • 10. Large valves
      • 11. Large throttle body
    • B. Suspension
      • 1. Springs
        • a. Progressive rate
        • b. Linear rate
      • 2. Threaded body coil-overs
      • 3. Anti-sway bars
      • 4. Chassis setup
        • a. Lowering
        • b. Corner weighing
        • c. Four wheel alignment
    • C. Wheels & Tires
      • 1. 16? vs. 17? vs. 18?
      • 2. Tire sizes
      • 3. Cast vs. forge vs. billet
      • 4. Unsprung weight vs. inertia
    • D. Brakes
      • 1. Pads
      • 2. Fluid
      • 3. Floating rotors and calipers
      • 4. Forced air cooling
  • III. Racing and Autocrossing
    • A. Driver
      • 1. Warm up and cool down
      • 2. Mechanical sensitivity
      • 3. Upshifting and downshifting
  • B. Car
    • 1. Tire pressures and temperatures
    • 2. Anti-sway bar adjustments
    • 3. Shock absorber adjustments

If anyone has any questions feel free to post them here or email the club at

Hope to see you all there!

10 thoughts on “Announcing the Fall Drive/Perfect Power Tech Session

  1. Sounds like an awesome time!!! I still have the day free, so hopefully I can wake up that early and make it!!

  2. Due to the early start time, looks like I *will* be able to go! Hooray! I can't believe that we'll be able to get to all of this in two hours, but I'm looking forward to it.

  3. Hi! My wife and I are not club members, but are looking for a club to join. We would be interested in attending the Perfect Power session. Is there anything we have to do to sign up? Thanks Alot! Patrick & Jen

  4. Patrick & Jen,

    No you don't have to sign up before hand. Just come out and enjoy the drive! If would like to join right there you can print out the application and bring it Saturday. If not you can always do it after the drive.

  5. Is anyone going from The Western Suburbs? We could meet up and go from Naperville or where ever.


  6. We are coming from Morris, which is west of Joliet. So we could meet any MINIS' along the way. Sounds like fun. We like to drive fast!

  7. I am bummed that I am not able to make it for the drive. Looks like it should be pleasant day for motoring if the rain holds off. Have fun everyone, hopefully I can make the next drive. Cheers!

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