Holiday Lights Drive – December 12

I am inviting everyone to a Holiday Lights Drive in the Lincolnwood Towers area on Friday December 12th.

This is an unstructured event where everyone can drive around on their own in the area bounded by Carpenter (Niles Center), Pratt, Cicero, and Devon to admire the show of lights from 7pm to 8pm.
Give a small beep and wave as you pass all the other MINIs cruising around the area at the same time.

We will meet up afterwards at Sanders Restaurant at the corner of Touhy and Carpenter at 8:00

This is not an official CMMC event, but I hope to see a bunch of you out there..

5 thoughts on “Holiday Lights Drive – December 12

  1. I will have my FRS radio on our usual MINI channel (Channel 1, subcode 1) if anyone else is out there.

  2. Thanks everyone for comming out tonight! We had a great time. I got a huge kick out of the three MINI's doing loops around the cul de sac.

  3. What a blast! My wife is still laughing about the cul-de-sac!!! We can't wait for that opportunity to do it again. And we are proud to say we are now CMMC members! Can't wait for the races.

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