Indoor Go Kart Racing Poll

We are hard at work planning an Indoor Go Kart racing event for the end of January, and we are still working on details.

We are looking at doing a 3-race Grand Prix series with the top finishers running championship race.

Cost for participation is $40.

Due to limited availability, we are currently narrowed down to two time slots..

Saturday evening 1/31/03


Early Sunday Morning 2/1/03.

We would get a discount for Sunday (probably $10 – $15 or so) if we are done before the standard opening time of 10:00 am. This means we would probably have to start by about 8:00am.

For those who are interested in attending, please post which of the times you would prefer. I think we will need firm commitments from 25-30 people to make this a go.

We will hopefully have our date and time nailed down this weekend.

  • Steve Rosenblum (Club Vice President)

    My vote is for Sunday AM, but I will be there whenever we have it..

  • My vote is also for Sunday morning but I'd change my plans for either 🙂

    BTW for those that haven't experienced Chicago Indoor Racing in Buffalo Grove it's an amazing experience. First off you have to take a quick class and it does require you to wear a full driving suit and helmet (all provided as part of the cost). However it's extremely fun and very fast. It's also fairly demanding – I was actually quite sore the day after 🙂

  • Matt Adams (Club Treasurer)

    I too have raced, with Gabe actually, and agree that it's an amazing time. However, my vote is for Saturday Evening. They have a restaurant and bar as well as pool tables and many top quality video racing games.

  • Maxwell Heathcott (club member)

    ACK! Not again! I was excited by the prospects of January, because my workplace is closed for the month. But we reopen on that weekend!! BOO!
    I really want to go, but neither time is possible for me unfortunately. I'll stay tuned to see if any other options open up. 🙁

  • Pat Crowley

    It doesn't look like we are going to be able to show up. I am going to have surgery on my knee in the begining of January, and am probably not going to be healed. Maybe next time!

  • Brian O'Keefe

    I think my preference would be Saturday night, but the notion of a slight discount on Sunday could sway my opinion. Either way I'm planning on being there. It sounds like I'll need to make an earlier trip to even have a chance against all the indoor cart racing veterans. Just remember…rubbing is racing!!!

  • Superdave

    I am interested! My vote is for both, and lock us in overnight! All kidding aside,
    whatever choice can bring the most folks together is the one I vote for.

  • Steven Diver

    I am so in on this one! Whatever time works best for everyone else works best for me.

  • It looks like we're going to try to lock this down by today or tomorrrow so if anyone else has thoughts speak now or forever hold your peace!

  • I vote for Sunday morning.

  • Matt Adams (Club Treasurer)

    argh! you early morning risers are going to be the death of me. i'll see about the sunday morning option.

  • Mike Litewski

    Anytime will be ok with me.

  • Test


  • Steve Dybedock

    Whatever you can arrange to meet the needs of the masses…count me in!

  • David Quednau

    I'm in, either day is OK with me.

  • Ken e

    Count me in for two on Sunday morning.

  • David Gordon

    Two for Saturday – Sunday morning is carpool duty 🙁

  • Al

    Just got my car 5 weeks ago, so I'm not a member (yet). But I'm interested in participating (and joining). Either day works for me.

  • Robert Fiely (Vendor Liaison)

    This is gonna be the mad note…

  • Al Chavoen

    I like would opt for Sunday for 2 if there any openings.