CMMC Indoor Kart Racing: Feb 1st

Spectators are free to come and cheer on the karters as they compete. There is a viewing area on the second floor that overlooks the track. There is no charge just to come in and hang out. After the Grand Prix series is over, spend time with other CMMC members and relive the excitement!

Chicago Indoor Racing Karting ?
Scheduled for Sunday February 1st at 9:00am

After some consideration in regards to date and time we've finally pinned down all the details of this event. It'll take place at the newly opened Chicago Indoor Racing Facility in Buffalo Grove on Sunday, Feb 1st at 9am. ?We?ll be renting out the larger of the two tracks for the first 30 members that RSVP. ?Individual costs haven?t been finalized yet but they should be about $40 for an hour. ?That should give everyone about 20 minutes of racing ? more than enough from my experience. ?

For those that haven?t raced yet at the track it?s an absolute blast. ?It?s a very professional facility and only those over 18 can race with a valid drivers license. ?Further, you?re required to wear a full drivers suit and helmet (all provided as part of the price). ?It?s so real and so fun you?ll even be a little sore afterwards! ?All in all it?s a great experience that is truly addicting.

It?ll also be a great way to hone your skills for the upcoming autocross season!

Mini Mania will be providing some giveaways for this event.

Please email Steve Rosenblum at if you are interested in joining us.

Update: All 30 spots are currently filled. If you are interested in participating, send an e-mail to get on the waiting list in case anyone bows out of the action. For those that are on the list please email Steve Rosenblum at for directions on how to proceed.

16 thoughts on “CMMC Indoor Kart Racing: Feb 1st

  1. Hey Gabe, is this event open to MINI owners who are not part of the club? If so, is the cost for the event the same?

  2. Spots are filling up fast..

    I have been counting requests since Gabe sent out this post, so if you had replied earler to the poll, now is the time to get yourself in for this fun event!

    send me an e-mail at

  3. Cool — I have reserved a spot. This looks like a ton of fun. Can I show up in my own fire suit and helmet? 馃槈

    See you all the 1st!

  4. I responded directly to Steve, but haven't gotten any sort of confirmation. I hope I got one of the last spots.
    Rubbin' is racin'!!

  5. Everyone that has sent me an e-mail or has posted here after 1/3/04 is in..
    We have less than 10 spots remaining.

    If demand is high enough we may look into additional track time, but that would take a lot more people.

    I will send out confirmation e-mails as we get closer..

  6. I'm not going to know until maybe a week before the event whether or not I'll be going. I am VERY interested in doing this, so if it does get filled and there is the possibility of another time, then please let me know.

    If there's still space available in a couple of weeks, and it turns out that I am available, then I'm in for sure!

  7. Yes, Rob, you can bring your own fire suit and helmet (many people do), but the Buffalo Grove Rule is that if you don't win, you buy brunch. 馃檪

  8. We were thinking of dividing up everyone into teams (10 teams of three perhaps?) and using a point system to come up with the overall winners. That way it's less of an individual win or lose situation. Thoughts?

    That way the cost of brunch can be split three ways 馃槈

  9. I agree. I am in the over 6 foot category and the team idea would level the playing field for size and experience.

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