The CMMC Chicago Auto Pre-Show

I'm pleased to announce that the Chicago MINI Motoring Club will be partnering with MINIUSA to bring you a sneak peak at the upcoming Chicago Auto Show and a new limited edition MINI which debuts at the show.

We've been invited to come in to the show early Sunday Feburary 8th tentatively scheduled for 9:00 am. We will listen to a short presentation from MINIUSA as well as get the opportunity for a close-up view of a new limited edition MINI, “recapturing and honoring a series of victories that helped make the marque legendary.” After the presentation we will be allowed to get an early start on the rest of the show which isn't open to the public until 10am that morning.

Light refreshments will be provided however there's preliminary talk of going out to breakfast before then somewhere downtown (details to come)

At this point It looks as if we will have at least 80 spots to fill so each member is welcome to bring one guest to the show. Please email Steve at with the subject “Chicago Auto Pre-Show”.

At this point we haven't confirmed pricing but at most it will be $10 per person (free for children under 12).

Watch this space for details in the coming days and don't forget to reserve your spot.

9 thoughts on “The CMMC Chicago Auto Pre-Show

  1. Same here. I think this is a fantastic opportunity for us as a young club (six month anniversary days away). To partner with MINIUSA like this is fantastic!

    If we make a strong showing and fill the space I think it would send a message to MINIUSA that we want to do this again next year but that there is lots of interest in special events like this.

  2. And anyone who's been the Chicago Auto Show would know that getting there early to see the exhibits is big deal as within an hour of opening the crowd can be almost unbearable. So beyond all that was mentioned above this is also a great way to see the show in relative peace and quiet.

  3. I am SO psyched. In college, I actually did a report on the Auto Show. It will be great to attend in a less investigative capacity. Count me in + 1 (navigator)!

  4. Cool, I don't have the calendar in front of me, but I'd say you can count me and a guest in. MMMMmmmmm…light

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