Extra Spots for this Sunday's Karting Event

Update: We have filled up the last two spots again. If you are interested, and didn't make the list, you can still e-mail Steve in case something opens up last minute.

Due to some scheduling related conflicts it looks like we'll have two open spots at this Sunday's Indoor Karting Event. If anyone is interested in joining us please email Steve at steve@chicagominiclub.com to register for the event. The cost is $40 for at least 20 minutes racing – really a bargain considering the usual costs. For more information about the event see this article: CMMC Indoor Karting

Also we have some fantastic prizes to give out. To the team that wins (10 teams of 3) each member will get a $25 gift certificate to MINI Mania. For the person with the second fastest lap time will also go a $25 MINI Mania gift certificate. Finally For the person with the fastest lap time of the event will go a full detailing session donated by Knauz MINI.

Special Edition MINI Press Event

MINIUSA has given the Chicago MINI Motoring Club 25 tickets to the press introduction of the a special edition MINI to be introduced at the Chicago Auto Show Wednesday February 4th at 3:30pm. The event will be attended by Tom Purvis, BMWUSA CEO and MINI Rally legend Paddy Hopkirk. The presence of Paddy Hopkirk would lead one to believe that this new limited edition MINI might have something to do with his famous 33 EJB Mini that won the 1964 Monte Carlo Rally. It also just happens to be the 40th anniversary of this famous race and acclaimed Mini.

This is three days before the show starts and is typically only open to the press only or by invitation via the automaker. Needless to say this is not something that happens very often. Because of this we should maintain a certain level of dress for the event – business casual would be preferred.

For those that are interested we're offering one pass per member until we run out of tickets. This could go rather quickly so please let us know by this Saturday the 24th To reserve your spot email Gabe at gabe@chicagominiclub.com with the subject “Special Edition MINI Press Event” in the email.

Oh and one more thing… it's free!

Update: I just talked with the MINIUSA Commuications Manager about the event and it looks like we'll have quite an afternoon in store for us. He stressed that MINI wanted to give back to the enthusiasts that have given so much to MINI over the past 2 years. Essentially what we're being offered is VIP preview access and a behind the scenes view of the release of a special edition MINI. Simply put this is the first time something like this has ever been done.

First off we'll be meeting at the fountain in the front of McCormick place to receive all our proper creditials no later than 3:00pm. After that we'll make our way to the press event upstairs. One thing to note – apparently the press will have first dibs on all seating for the actual event so some of us may have to stand.

Once the introduction is over we'll go with our MINIUSA guides to get a closer look at the car and to meet Paddy Hopkirk. At this time we'll also be given a very limited edition plaque commemorating the event that Mr. Hopkirk will be able to sign (again only available at this event).

After this we'll be treated to afternoon tea compliments of MINIUSA.

Once the event is over we should have a few minutes to briefly walk the show floor and see what else has already been set up. It's worth noting that much of the show may not be accessible at this point. That's really what the Sunday event is for 馃檪

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The CMMC Chicago Auto Pre-Show

I'm pleased to announce that the Chicago MINI Motoring Club will be partnering with MINIUSA to bring you a sneak peak at the upcoming Chicago Auto Show and a new limited edition MINI which debuts at the show.

We've been invited to come in to the show early Sunday Feburary 8th tentatively scheduled for 9:00 am. We will listen to a short presentation from MINIUSA as well as get the opportunity for a close-up view of a new limited edition MINI, “recapturing and honoring a series of victories that helped make the marque legendary.” After the presentation we will be allowed to get an early start on the rest of the show which isn't open to the public until 10am that morning.

Light refreshments will be provided however there's preliminary talk of going out to breakfast before then somewhere downtown (details to come)

At this point It looks as if we will have at least 80 spots to fill so each member is welcome to bring one guest to the show. Please email Steve at steve@chicagominiclub.com with the subject “Chicago Auto Pre-Show”.

At this point we haven't confirmed pricing but at most it will be $10 per person (free for children under 12).

Watch this space for details in the coming days and don't forget to reserve your spot.

CMMC Indoor Kart Racing: Feb 1st

Spectators are free to come and cheer on the karters as they compete. There is a viewing area on the second floor that overlooks the track. There is no charge just to come in and hang out. After the Grand Prix series is over, spend time with other CMMC members and relive the excitement!

Chicago Indoor Racing Karting ?
Scheduled for Sunday February 1st at 9:00am

After some consideration in regards to date and time we've finally pinned down all the details of this event. It'll take place at the newly opened Chicago Indoor Racing Facility in Buffalo Grove on Sunday, Feb 1st at 9am. ?We?ll be renting out the larger of the two tracks for the first 30 members that RSVP. ?Individual costs haven?t been finalized yet but they should be about $40 for an hour. ?That should give everyone about 20 minutes of racing ? more than enough from my experience. ?

For those that haven?t raced yet at the track it?s an absolute blast. ?It?s a very professional facility and only those over 18 can race with a valid drivers license. ?Further, you?re required to wear a full drivers suit and helmet (all provided as part of the price). ?It?s so real and so fun you?ll even be a little sore afterwards! ?All in all it?s a great experience that is truly addicting.

It?ll also be a great way to hone your skills for the upcoming autocross season!

Mini Mania will be providing some giveaways for this event.

Please email Steve Rosenblum at steve@chicagominiclub.com if you are interested in joining us.

Update: All 30 spots are currently filled. If you are interested in participating, send an e-mail to get on the waiting list in case anyone bows out of the action. For those that are on the list please email Steve Rosenblum at steve@chicagominiclub.com for directions on how to proceed.