Poker Run – Spring Rallye March 21

Spring is fast approaching, and as promised we have planned a Road Rallye for early spring. Infact so early, that it is scheduled for the first day of spring.

40 years ago Paddy Hopkirk won the Monte Carlo Road rallye in a mini. Maybe you can win the 1st ever Chicago MINI Poker Run!

Who: Open to all CMMC members, their navigators, and people wishing to join the club.

What: This is a Poker Run road Rallye.

Where: The start is at Knauz MINI, Lake Bluff.

When: Sunday, March 21st. Check in is at 10 am. Drivers/navigators meeting at 10:20am.

Why: It?s spring! Let?s put the windows down and drive!

Remember, as this Rallye is on a Sunday, Knauz will be closed (no bathrooms at the rallye start).

What?s happening: We will be departing from Knauz at 1 minute intervals beginning at about 10:30 am. This is not a race. There is really no advantage to being first, or last, as your fate is all in the cards you draw at each of the 5 locations. Prizes (of the nifty sort) will be awarded at the final stop to the best poker hand. A huge thanks to Mini Mania for helping us out with this!

What to pack?
Bring a map of the Chicago area. Bring someone who can read a map.
A cell phone and or FRS radio may come in handy if you need assistance (real men don?t need directions). Cash, or a credit card. As with most of our drives this one has food on the itinerary.

Where are we going?
Can?t tell you, it?s a secret. Actually at each of the first 4 stops, you will get a destination sheet along with your poker hand card.

Are we there yet?
We think we will be done between 3 and 4pm.

Sign me up, I?m lucky at cards?
To get on the Rallye list, RSVP to

18 thoughts on “Poker Run – Spring Rallye March 21

  1. Deal me in for the drive, but I will be doing it without my navigator..

  2. Drew,
    My mistake! Somehow I read the first day of spring as also the beginning of daylight savings time. To clarify.
    10am on the 21st of March.
    RSVP to me if you are going,

    Steve is Vice Pres and does some of the topic posting for our website as I'm not so web site savy.


  3. I have several maps of the Chicago 'area' some bigger than others. Without giving away the route, could you narrow down the 'area?' If not, OK too. Sounds like fun.

  4. I'm coming too; with nephew Josh as navigator. (and we know better than to follow Victoria… 馃槈

  5. At each stop you will get the location of the next destination. It is up to you to determine the funnest route to get there. You should be able to do it solo (I am going solo as well)

  6. I'm in, but my navigator will be studying for a final exam and probably won't be interested in joining our reindeer games. Can I get some simple directions to Knauz?

  7. Knauz MINI is on Route 41 a bit north of route 60. Just take the Edens x-way until it turns into 41 and keep going north. It is on the right (east) side..

  8. Anybody notice that if you click for driving directions on Knauz's site but don't say where you're coming from that it starts you in the middle of Kansas?

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