Chicago Indoor Racing Karting May 30

Chicago Indoor Racing Karting
Scheduled for Sunday May 30th at 8:45am

Given the fantastic response from the last karting event, we?ve decided to
do it again. Again taking place at the newly opened Chicago Indoor Racing
Facility in Buffalo Grove on Sunday, May 30th at 8:45am. We?ll be renting out the larger of the two tracks for the first 30 members that RSVP. Price will again be $40. To reserve a spot download this form, enclose a check and send it in to the club P.O. Box (listed on the form).

If we we?re unable to fill all 30 positions with members, we?ll open the remainder to non-members. Similarly, if we receive greater than 30 responses, we can increase the racing time by 15 minutes to accommodate an
additional 10 drivers.

As many of you already know, May 30th is the day of the Indy 500. Chicago
Indoor Racing will be broadcasting the race on their many monitors
throughout the facility. There?s also a very good chance they?ll be
broadcasting the race on one of the screens in one of their meeting rooms.
For those of you lucky enough to be attending this legendary event, don?t
worry, we will be doing more kart racing.

For those that haven?t raced yet at the track it?s an absolute blast.
It?s a very professional facility and only those over 18 can race with a
valid drivers license. Further, you?re required to wear a full drivers
suit and helmet (all provided as part of the price). It?s so real and so
fun you?ll even be a little sore afterwards! All in all it?s a great
experience that is truly addicting.

We will have prizes by Mini Mania

Again to reserve a spot download this form, enclose a check and send it in to the club P.O. Box (listed on the form).

Note: Spectators are free to come and cheer on the karters as they
compete. There is a viewing area on the second floor that overlooks the
track. There is no charge just to come in and hang out. After the Grand
Prix series is over, spend time with other CMMC members and relive the

Please email Matthew Adams at if you are
interested in joining us.

6 thoughts on “Chicago Indoor Racing Karting May 30

  1. I'm still can't wipe the grin off of my face. Karting was a blast! Thanks, Matt, Gabe and anyone else that organized the event!

  2. Glad you had a good time Joe. Two days later, I am still sore, and actually have bruises, but I am scheming how I can get out there again for another fix.

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