General Membership Meeting

The CMMC board is in the process of setting a time and date for a general membership meeting for all club members. We'd like to know generally what days and times are best for most members. Obviously we can't fit into everyone's schedule but we can at least get a good idea what might work for most.

8 thoughts on “General Membership Meeting

  1. I'll be back after May 10th from Mom's Second Annual MINI Motoring trip: 2000 miles, eight states, six beds, TireRack for the One Lap skid test event, Tail of the Dragon, and every other twisty I can find!! Ta.

  2. I'm not yet a club member, but I would like to attend. Weekends work best for me, but weekday evenings between 5 and 7 are ok too.

  3. Sundays work best for me. Or it would have to be after 8 P.M. for me to make it any other day of the week.

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