MINI Convertible Chicago Debut

Knauz MINI will be debuting the new MINI Convertible June 29th from 4-8pm and the CMMC will be there! There will be light refreshments on hand and possibly someone from MINIUSA there to answer specific questions.

Let us know in the comments below if you plan to attend.

Similar events will be happening at the other local dealers in Chicago but this will be the official debut!

  • Steve Rosenblum (Club Vice President)

    I will be there..

    I don't get home until about 6:00, and it is probably another 45 minutes out to Knauz.. Does this go until 6:00 or 8:00?

  • Jim

    Gabe, do you know if this car or other convertibles will be displayed at Mine West Meets East? I'll miss the Knauz showing as that's the day of the Phil Wicks/MINI Mania Driving event at Blackhawk Farms, and the just announced MINIMEET welcome reception being put on by Bill Jacobs.

  • Donna

    I'll be there!

  • Jim

    I think the MINI Cabriolet would look very good around you Donna!

  • Greg Shives

    I'll be there!

  • Bill Murphy

    I will be there, but probably closer to 5:00 PM.

  • Steve Rosenblum (Club Vice President)

    Very neat car. I was really impressed with many of the small details like the lockable back seats..

  • Pat Crowley

    Sorry I missed this. Have been really busy this summer with get togethers and such. So was the lucky person to take delivery a member?

  • Steve Rosenblum (Club Vice President)

    The MINI we saw was a pre-production model that was doing a tour of the midwest. Customer cars should be making their way in soon.

  • mCm


    just found your site and wondered if you'd like to add a link to ours, we'd love a link to yours.

    Happy Mini-ing

    The mCm Team