Culvers MINI Car Show

Where:Culvers 450 McHenry Road Buffalo Grove, IL

When:Saturday, July 17th
4pm to 7pm

Ever notice how, even on rally's, we seem to always end up with hoods up somewhere in a parking lot talking about our cars and our experiences in them. Well we've finally decided to create an event that caters to that experience. It's the 1st Annual Chicago MINI Car Show at The Culvers Resturant in Buffalo Grove (rain or shine).

This event is open to all club members and MINI owners thinking of joining our club. This is a chance to put your MINI on display. There is no entry fee.

We have created some fun and not too serious categories for some “mini” prizes.

The owners of the Buffalo Grove Culvers are advertising the MINI car show in their resturant so we hope to have a great response from the public as well. If you have ever thought of putting your MINI in a car show, this is your chance!

This will be a great time to show off your MINI, and see what others have done to theirs. Shine up your bonnet and hang a new pine tree scent from the rearview mirror. Or maybe just hide yesterdays Tribune under the seat, and come down to the show.

To sign up and place your MINI in the show, contact

9 thoughts on “Culvers MINI Car Show

  1. For anyone interested in meeting up at the usual Plaza del Lago, and taking a quick spin up Sheridan on the way out to Culvers, post here..

  2. I have the day off prior to the Culvers car show off. So I will try and make my MINI as clean as I can. Or at least clean out the debris.See you there.

  3. I think I'll make it with a very stock April '04 Cooper S. Well, except for mudguards. And the license plate.

  4. Huge thanks to Ron for all the hard work planning and organizing this great event. There were just over 20 cars, and lots of prizes and give-a-ways. I had a very fun time!!

  5. Wonderful to see all the MINI's looking their best.
    As always, I'm amazed at all the great things you can do to customize a MINI. Every time I meet with MINI club members I learn new things about my MINI.


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