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I thought I would put out a place here for people to put suggestions for Chicago MINI Motoring Club events and drive locations that they would like to see in the future.

Our regular events typically draw 15-30 MINI's, so bear in mind that logistics for a crowd of that size for meeting spots and interesting routes do need to be considered..

Any offers to assist in planning of routes or events would also be appreciated 馃檪

17 thoughts on “New event ideas

  1. Personally, I would like to see some type of drive throughout the northwestern suburban areas like Barrington, which has some nice hills, some twisties, and beautiful scenery. I know the area very well, so I could help you if you want me to.

  2. For the KNAUZ MINI drive we drove past a WORKING Drive-in Movie Theatre in McHenry. That would be a great place to have an event. Just pick a good movie to watch please.

  3. We contacted Super Dawgs earlier this summer and they basically told us that we would not be able to gather there until the late fall, as they are overcrowded as the norm. We tried to schedule them for the Car show drive, but they said no.
    Culvers on the other hand had space to spare. We are keeping Super Dawgs as a future site when the weather cools a bit.

  4. There is also a working Drive-In theater in West Chicago. It shows first run movies and is open through the fall.

  5. I'll volunteer to help with planning a road rally event route. Maybe an afternoon drive through Lake County (and western areas) in the Fall followed by a drive-in movie out in McHenry?

  6. Have we ever considered a White Sox game. There are several options for group seating at Comisk…er I mean U-S Cellular Field. The other bonus is we wouldn't have to drive to Wisconsin and smell their dairy-air.

  7. “John – that doesn't sound like a bad idea. Do you have any specifics in mind?”

    The route I had been working on for the ball game starts near home/Knauz, in central Lake County, takes in some of the local two lanes roads whenever I can find some curves and hills (like Bradley Road, Old Peterson and Casey Road), goes thru the Liberty Prarie Reserve open space, past some corn and cows, and ends up in Wauconda near the Lake Co. Forest Preserve. Then back east down 176 and some other roads. It is about a 1 hour route covering 50 miles. It needs to be fleshed out some more depending on our travel objectives, and we can always go south and west from Wauconda to get to the McHenry Drive-In.

  8. I grew up on a grain farm in DeKalb. There are few things prettier than a nice cruise through the country in the fall. Cool, crisp air, leaves turning, harvest in full swing. I know the roads fairly well and could put together a trip that would include some nice stopping points/photo ops.

    Would probably be best to do it somewhere between mid September and early October.

    That's my two cents.

  9. Jeff: I got side-tracked on one of my trips to DeKalb this summer, and ended up taking SR-47 south from I-90 to SR-38. There was some nice country along there. A “Corn Run” would be fun.

  10. I think a fall drive would be wonderful! Thinking ahead to next year, has anyone driven the Dragon's Tail? I believe it's in North Carolina. 318 curves in 11 miles. That would be a longer trip, but sounds like it would be a blast!

  11. Lots of great ideas here.. hopefully we will be able to do a bunch of these in the future.

    There is info about the Dragon Run here There was at least one CMMC member there this year, and probably will be more next year. I got my daughter carsick there last year in the MINI on our way back from a trip to visit friends in Alabama, so I think I have to go solo next time..

  12. I know the Starved Rock Cruise has been set for Sunday, August 17th. So my question is would it be overkill to plan an Autumn Run on October 2nd?

    I thought we could meet early afternoon in the St. Charles area, and head out west/north. Cruise around for a couple hours on some nice back roads (all paved). Believe it or not, I've found some roads that have curves AND hills. In Illinois!

    Take in the leaves, harvest etc. Then grab some dinner at a cool little restaurant, and had back past St. Charles a little bit to the drive-in theater on North Ave (Route 64).

    So what do people think? Is it too much for October?

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