Starved Rock Roll Call

10/04/2004 Update: If you are interested in hanging out for diner at Captains Cove, in nearby Ottawa please respond below so we can plan for reservations

Here are the details you have been waiting for about the Starved Rock Fall drive. Please add to the comments if you are planning on atending, so we can get a good headcount

What: A group MINI drive to Starved Rock State Park.

When: Sunday October 17th

Where: Starting at Patrick MINI, 696 Golf Road in Shaumburg, ending in Starved Rock. This will be a most of the day event

The Plan:We will meet at about 8:30, and hit the road at about 9:00. From there we will head to Euroquipe in St. Charles. They are a shop that works on BMW’s, Porsche’s and MINI’s. They have invited our club to stop by, check out the shop and have a light snack on our way. We should arrive around 9:45, and probably hit the road again 10:30-ish. From there, we will head to Minooka (about an hour drive) where we will start a nice little route to Utica. We will probably find a place for lunch near Morris, and then head into Starved Rock State Park. No real plans after that.. Everyone is free to explore the area and hang out as long as they please.

What to bring: A full tank of gas, FRS Radio (if you have one), comfortable clothes for the day (perhaps sunscreen, bug spray, etc), and a smile!

Info from the original post is here

If anyone has photos of the Starved Rock event that they would care to share, please forward them on to myself, or any of the club officers. We will try to put a few pics up afterwards.

37 thoughts on “Starved Rock Roll Call

  1. I will being there as long as my car arrives in time. It is scheduled to arrive in South Carolina on the 4th. Hopefully VDC, delivery, and prep will allow delivery by the 16th.

  2. My fiance, Lori, and I are in.

    Haven't confirmed yet, but one or two other couple's may join us, even though they aren't “MINI” owners. One has a BMW bike and one has a 427 Cobra replica.

    Will re-reply if they are going to join in. Thanks for organizing this.

    I'm looking forward to my first group MINI drive and appreciate that non-MINI people are welcome too. :o)

  3. My wife and I will try and make it….good to hear that dogs are welcomed (on leash of course) because my Jack Russell is our co-pilot!

  4. Another Jack Russell! I have one too. But she's too ornery to bring on a trip like this…so I'll be bringing a “nice” dog. Can't wait to see your co-pilot!

  5. I will be able to make it as my MCSC is scheduled to arrive at the dealer tomorrow. After prep time, I should be taking delivery early next week.

    I am also bringing my Husky puppy along. Hopefully, I can get him used to the seatbelt harness in time.

  6. I was the same way with the fall drive last year Dennis. Non members are welcome, and the next thing you know, you'll have that membership card in your wallet.

  7. I'll be there, and the dinner idea sounds good too. First event with the Dinan S1 installed…woo hoo.


  8. Shari and I will be there! Not sure about dinner just yet but sounds fun! The lunch in Minooka – picnic bring your own or are we stopping at some place to dine?

  9. We will be making a re-grouping/bathroom stop at Minooka, and there is a Truck Stop/Arby's, but we are planning to stop at a Culvers in Morris for lunch. There are other choices in the area if you are allergic to Butter Burgers 馃檪

  10. Andy and I will be there wiht bells on, although, we have not registered yet. Can we bring the form on Sunday? We are very excited to meet other fellow MINI lovers!! Whoohoo!

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