Starved Rock Wrap-up

fall drive

Fantastic weather, great twisty roads, 30+ MINIs cruising in formation.. what could be better!!

A huge thanks to Patrick MINI and Euroquipe for opening up on a Sunday, and providing coffee, Krispy Kremes, bagels, drinks, etc. Thanks also to Pat and Jen for all the hard work planning the route, and having the Morris police block traffic for us while leaving the lunch stop.

fall drive

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15 thoughts on “Starved Rock Wrap-up

  1. I hope everyone had as great a time as I did. I think I am going to have to get back there to re-sample a few of those tasty roads..

  2. My first group MINI drive and I had a blast. That was fun… even that point when 4 of us were left behind, missed our turn and got lost. But I've never felt overwhelmed with great sense of pride driving with all you guys. Big shout out to all MINIacs whom i get to drive with, espcially to Kevin from Patrick and Steve, and oh.. that police from Morris too.

  3. I had a great time too, thanks to everyone infolved for arranging it. I will be saving the maps to make a return trip. Can't wait to drive it again!

  4. I had a great time. Gabe, you missed out on some great roads, hope everything went well back at home.

    Club members;

    Keep in mind, we have an event scheduled for this coming Sunday, a drive and get together downtown Chicago. We'll be meeting up on the north side just of Lake Shore Drive then heading down towards the Loop and Milennium Park. It'll be an “art” drive of sorts, covering the out door sculptures scattered around down town and the park.

    Don't worry about parking as that's covered courtesy of the Maxwell and Chicago Yacht Club. Please see the upcoming posts for more detail.

  5. We had a great time motoring and hanging out with everyone. Rocket was wiped out! Great job on the route Pat and Jen. Looking forward to the next drive.

  6. The drive was outstanding. It was great to meet so many other MINI owners (and driving enthusiasts). Nice to meet Gabe, Steve and everyone else (putting faces to names).

    Lori and I had a wonderful time and the route was phenomenal. Not everyday I get to take Sally to 70MPH in 3rd gear. Let alone do it on twisties. :o)

    We took a bunch of pics and if anything came out remotely better than what the screen on the camera showed, I'll email along for you to post if you wish.

    So thank you, thank you, thank you for putting the drive together and to the “sponsors”. :o)


  7. Thanks to everyone who organized the event. Always nice to meet other mini drivers!

    My wife and I had to leave at the truck stop because of other obligations…..but had a blast….see you guys at the next event!

  8. Sorry for the double-post, but are there any links to pics up yet? I took some pics too that I will try to get up tonight!

  9. Jen and I had a blast this weekend. Thanks to everyone that made this great drive possible. I apologize for the traffic backups and the totally full parking lot at Starved Rock. Madeline is now broken in so I'm making plans to install the 19% pulley this week.

  10. What a great drive and it was definitely one of the best since I have been with the group! Thanks from me and my guests to everyone who organized the event. We had a GREAT time and we know the people who put this together devoted a lot of time to organizing the day for everyone.

    Greg, Kim, Barb and Justin

  11. Another great CMMC event! A lot of great photo opps too! I have all of my pics uploaded in my gallery at NAM under username: ames330. Gabe, let me know if you want me to email them to you instead.

  12. Fantastic drive! Thanks to all who organized a fun experience. Great day! Looing forward to the next drive!

    Richard Hicks

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