What's your Colors?

One bit of information we do not collect is what colors everyones cars are.

I thought this would be a good place for anyone who is interested to list what color their MINI is, and to see what the popular and rare member colors are

27 thoughts on “What's your Colors?

  1. '05 MCS – Chili Red with white roof and bonnet stripes. Driving lamps, all three convenience packages, nav system and HK. Also have the 17 inch all season run flats and red cloth/black leather seating surfaces. Have not done any mods to this point (well, I got the union jack valve stem caps, but I don't count that as a mod), but who knows. :o)

  2. Our MCS is Jet Black w/white roof, 17″ wheels. White Bonnet stripes and white rocker strips.
    Blue Lapis interior.

  3. Black and (Indi)Blue '02 MC, with the wacky chrome taillamps.

    Shout out to the DS/B MCS at the River Forest Whole Foods who parked right next to me today–at the same moment–and didn't stop for a chat. What's that about?

  4. MC '03 Silk Green/Black
    Chrome, white side markers, 16″ Kazera wheels w/ Bridgestone Potenza, RSpeed exhaust and stubby antenna

    Back from NZ where we saw among others, a MINI painted half grey/half blue ala Red Bull colors with a huge RB can mounted across a modified boot and roof .. COOL sight!

  5. 2005 Liquid yellow body color
    checkered (b&w) sunroof decal and mirror caps
    black bonnet stripes
    street cruiser… everyday workhorse! 馃檪

  6. 2004 MCS Dark Silver with black roof and mirror caps, black bonnet stripes, three 'packages,' black leather, nav, HK, 17″ S lites.

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