Upcoming Events Preview

Although details are still in the works, we wanted to share information about our upcoming events so you can start planning for them:

December Holiday Hangout:

What: A casual winter get-together and chance to hang out and visit with MINI friends.

Where: Schaumburg area. Still working on a place.

When: Sunday December 12th late afternoon.

We will likely require rsvps ahead of time for planning.

January Indoor Go-Karting

What: A mid-winter chance to burn up the pavement at the beautiful Chicago Indoor Racing facility

Where: Buffalo Grove

When: Sunday January 16th at 11:00 am

This event, like the previous times, will be open to active club members plus a guest, and there will be a limited number of open spots (probably around 30). Since we need to front deposit money for renting the track we will again require the entry fees to be sent in ahead of time.

February Auto Show

We don?t have details yet, but we are hoping to have an event similar to what we did last year. This event will also be open only to active club members, and there will be limited spots.

March Return to Millies

A scenic drive up to Millies Restaurant located a bit northwest of Lake Geneva. This will be a re-do of one of our early pre-club events, and a chance to return to the famed ?roller coaster (Roberts) road?. We are hoping the weather in early March will be a little warmer than the previous ride.

5 thoughts on “Upcoming Events Preview

  1. Looks like I can be first on the list for Karting, the Auto Show and The rollercoaster to Millies.
    I've a conflict with the date for the holiday event so regretably I can't attend. I hate to miss anything MINI, but theres no hope for that date.

  2. The Holiday event is less than a week before my wedding, so I doubt it, but I may be able to join in some holiday cheer. I'm definitely in for the Auto Show and would very much like to Kart, although that will depend on the date.

  3. Definitely will keep checking back for updates. The December event is out unfortunately though… That's the day we can get the whole family together for Hannukah. Although a MINI event is hard to pass up.

  4. The Holiday Hangout sounds good but questonable. The Auto Show is a yes. I would not miss it. Last year was great!

  5. Mm Hmm, Karting. Oh, Boy, uh huh. Yep, I like Karting, Karting is very good. Oh, yes, sure. “I'm an excellent Driver” (Dustin Hoffman/Rainman).

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