Indoor Go Karting – January 16th

Once again we will be returning to the Chicago Indoor Racing
Facility in Buffalo Grove on Sunday Jaunary 16th for a MINI Club Go Karting event. We will have a drivers meeting at 11:00am, and racing from Noon until 1pm.

We have spots for the first 30 people (members plus 1 guest). Price will again be $40. To reserve a spot download this form, enclose a check and send it in to the club P.O. Box (listed on the form).

For those that haven?t raced yet at the track it?s an absolute blast. It?s a very professional facility and only those over 18 can race with a
valid drivers license. Further, you?re required to wear a full drivers
suit and helmet (all provided as part of the price). It?s so real and so fun you?ll even be a little sore afterwards! All in all it?s a great
experience that is truly addicting.

  • GSKChicago

    I will download the form. Will you post on here when the slots are all full?

    I am going to register for myself and one guest. Does this “guarantee” my spot (at least until you receive payment of course)?

    Thanks! :o)


  • Steve Rosenblum (Club Vice President)

    You are in (pending payment)..

    I will post here as the entries start getting close. If interest in this event is way over 30, there may be a chance for the club to rent additional time as well.

    Will also send an e-mail confirmation when I get the Application from the PO box.

  • Steven Diver

    I am definitely in for this one. I'll be sending in my registration form in (for myself and a guest) later today.

    This was A LOT of fun last year, and I am glad that we're doing it again.

  • Ken

    Will it be club members only this time? There seemed to be at least one or two ringers on the track.(people that race go carts regularly)

  • No ringers!

  • Adam

    Just sent in the form today. Me and my Dad will be coming. Sounds like it is gonna be fun! C ya all there.

  • Adam

    Just sent in the form today. Me and my Dad will be coming. Sounds like it is gonna be fun! C ya all there.

  • Adam

    oops sorry for the double post…my computer is being all slow.

  • Marco

    Hi, i sent my club application and carting application in with two separate checks and i hope that should be good. If its not, please let me know. Thanks!

  • Saw this on NAM. Wondering if a MINIac from Southern California can hook up with you guys just to watch, hang out, and snap pics? I'll be in Chicagoland this weekend. (albeit in a rental car)


  • Yes Juan – come on over!