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We had over 30 cars brave the slightly chilly early spring tempratures and headed out for the drive. After a bit of a slow start, we got on to some fun back country roads, and re-visited Snake Road, and the “roller coaster” (Alden) road. Millie's did a great job accomodating our larger and later than expected crowd. We even spied a “skunk works” group of Scions doing product testing on Snake road (I could have sworn I heard a supercharger wail comming out of an xB).

I hope everyone had as good a time as I did. Thanks to the people at Patrick MINI for doing the filming. If anyone has photos or albums from the ride, send them along to me, and I will see if I can post a few.

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16 thoughts on “Return to Millie's Wrapup

  1. Yeah, i would like to see that film footage as wel, looked like some interesting shots were taken. I had a great time and see you all next time!

  2. I've been looking forward to my first drive with the club and I was not disappointed. It was amazing to see all the MINIs. I noticed we got a lot of thumbs up and honks from other drivers. Thanks to Steve and the others that put this drive together. My family and I had a great time on the drive and enjoyed talking with other MINI enthusiasts. I can't wait for the next event!!

  3. Big thanks to you Steve for doing a great job leading the pack, and everyone that helped made the drive a blast!
    This was my first event, and it was worth the wait..!
    Thanks again,
    Pat Chan (Superman MCS)

  4. I was the xB bringing up the rear of the scions coming the opposite direction. It was great to see all those minis coming down the opposite way! I didn't get a great look at many of them due to the situation, but I liked the blue one with the offset white stripe. Anyway, perhaps we can meet up with you guys for real sometime 馃檪

  5. I would also like to thank Steve and everyone involved with the Chicago MINI Motoring Club for organizing the drive! All of us from Patrick MINI had a fantastic time and are looking forward to the next event. : ) Keep up the great work!

    John Giuliano
    Motoring Advisor
    Patrick MINI

  6. I am the xB that drives by Knauz every morning and evening too. 馃檪
    but it was really cool seeing you guys all in a nice line formation, hope you all enjoyed the ride as much as we did. 馃檪

    lets a get a rally some time 馃榾

  7. Steve,

    What e-mail address should I send some pics to? That Canon EOS20D I have takes some BIG pics…. Like 4MB a piece.

  8. Thanks so much to th Chicago Mini Club for all the fun on Sunday. It was my first event, and I had a blast! Thanls so much!!! =) Lori

  9. Great job with the drive Steve! We made Snake Road just fine, like last year – no reason to worry. 馃檪
    I sent my pics to Gabe just a minute ago.

    Let's do Millie's again soon rather than another two years.


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