Chi-Town Kruze June 4th

While not an official Chicago MINI Motoring Club event, the Chi-Town Kruze will take place on Saturday June 4th. There will be a classic car show, and open drive on scenic Lake Shore Drive.

What better place to show off your MINI among a large number of car enthusiasts. If enough people are interested, we can meet at some location, and head for Lake Shore Drive en mass for a little bit of a MINI Cruise.

Post here if you are interested!!

15 thoughts on “Chi-Town Kruze June 4th

  1. I am also down…i need a good drive, hopefully the weather will be nice so some there will be some “almost open” motoring.

  2. Anyone want to take a trip down Michigan Avenue and stop at the River by the Trib Building for a great photo opp? That's the day my fiance and I are getting married. Might be kinda cool to take a picture with 15 or 20 MINI's that are all stopped on Michigan Avenue holding up traffic. :o) Any thoughts?

  3. This June 4th is my 17th wedding anniversary.. I am up for stopping downtown traffic, but will probably only be cruising in the morning..

  4. Steve… 17 years? We've met at events before. Did you get married when you were 15? DAMN!

    Coordinating the photo opp might be challenging. Photographer and videographer start around 3pm that day. Hmmm.

  5. Instead of stopping by the Trib, an easier spot to take a pic would be on Upper Wacker over Columbus Drive. The area, known to some as Hotel Row, might give us a few extra minutes to take our time and position the cars just so.

  6. Our hotel is at 505 N. Michigan, so that wouldn't be too far (Columbus and upper Wacker). I know we're planning outdoor pics already, but don't know where yet.

    As fun as this would be and as cool as the pics would be, I don't know logistically how to pull it off exactly. Plus, Chicago Mini Club events are not designed around me. Don't want to seem monopolizing. I was half kidding when I posted and didn't expect any “I'm with 'ya” answers. Hmmm…

    Anyone else have additional thoughts/suggestions?

  7. Unfortunately, I now have to work Saturday morning/day 馃檨

    The Cruize on the drive is from 8:00 to 10:00

    I would suggest perhaps meeting up at the Northwestern parking garage off Sheridan road in Evanston and leaving Evanston about 8:30 to be fashionably late..

    If you like that, or if anyone would like to setup a different meeting place, post here..

    Who is interested??

  8. Hey Richard i think i saw you driving south on Sheridan as i was driving north. I pulled a quick U turn, but i lost ya.

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