Kings Island Meet-up

Here is the place to post for people interested in attending the Kings Island MINI event on Saturday June 18th.

There is a group leaving the Chicago area at about 9:30 on Friday morning. We intend to meet members of the MINIsota Motoring Society at Dryer & Reinbold MINI in Indianapolis at about 1 pm for a late lunch. After eating, we will head on down the rest of the way as a larger group to the Kirkwood Inn in Mason Ohio.

I am also aware of a few other people leaving the Chicago area later in the afternoon.

  • Steve Rosenblum (Club Vice President)

    We are going with the morning group.. Once we see who is traveling together, we will try to find a good spot to meet for the start. We will be staying with family in Ohio instead of at the hotel.

  • john

    If we are meeting the MN people, we might want to try an Oasis along 294 for a departure point. We'll be leaving in the ayem too and would like to be part of the crowd.

  • Steve Rosenblum (Club Vice President)

    The MN people are staying thursday night in Madison, WI and then heading towards Peoria before shooting east to Indy..

  • David H. McKee

    The MN group has the right idea. Avoid Chicago. Heck, there are warning signs about the construction up there on the East side of Indianapolis (on I-70).

    Dreyer & Reinbold is an easy on/off from I-465 and traffic shouldn't be too bad that time of day.

    I wish you all lots of fun!

  • dennis d' menace

    i'm almost positive there was a post on the OL about changing the meeting time in Indy at 2pm instead of 1pm…

    will D&R MINI be hosting the late lunch?

  • Steve Rosenblum (Club Vice President)

    We will be leaving Chicago at about 9:30, and the MN group will be leaving Madison probably about 7:30ish. I imagine both of us will get there a little late, so no worries..

    D&R is not hosting lunch, we are on our own for that. They are just the meetup spot.

  • dennis d\' menace

    Steve, are you guys taking I-65 to Indy on Friday?

    and are u bringing some CMMC stickers? I still haven't got mine yet.


  • minimine

    I waited too long and it seems the MINI event is sold out at PKI.
    Any suggestions? Should I just get general admission tickets?

  • dennis d' menace

    whatever it takes!

  • Steve Rosenblum (Club Vice President)

    Hope you can hook up with us on the way minimine!!

  • dennis d' menace

    had a wonderful time at PKI… thanks Steve… my gnome had a blast as well!!!

  • Bill

    Yeah whats up with that weird gnome anyway?