Kings Island Wrap-up

Six cars from the Chicago area drove down together to Indianapolis where we met up with another six cars from the Minnesota Club. An additional 3 Chicago Club members caught us at lunch time and along the way. We ran an impressive 15 car high speed caravan down to the Cincinnati area.

There was a Friday night pre-event meetup at Skyline Chili, which by all reports was a big success

Over 100 MINIs converged on Kings Island Amusement Park in Mason Ohio on Saturday morning, June 16th. We were presented with VIP passes, and treated to a Continental breakfast in front of the Italian Job Roller coaster before the park oopened. We are able to line up to be the first ones on the ride when the park officially opened. A picnic style dinner was also provided as well as a chance to take one more exclusive ride on the Italian Job Coaster after the park closed at 11pm.

My family and I had a great time both at the park, and meeting and hanging out with so many other MINI owners. I was even able to have my car put on display in the entrance at the front of the park

All in all, a great weekend. I hope PKI puts together another event next year!!

8 thoughts on “Kings Island Wrap-up

  1. Yea i had a great time. The rides were tons of fun and you gotta love the VIP passes. You can count me in for next year. I think i'll pass on the chili next time tho… 馃檪

  2. Same here on the chilli. I think they put curry in it, kinda disgusting actually. Curry is good but NOT in chilli.

    Other than that it was a lot of fun and i'm definitely going again next year if i can.

  3. It was a blast! i'm still grinning… steve, sorry didn't get to join you at Burger King(?) near Shell… we had to hurry and pick up dad and mom in Lafayette for dad's day celebration…
    btw, posted a pic of you and the gnome at NAM.. you rock!

  4. The drive was fun. The park was great. The chilli, well, I will pass the next time. It was an enjoyable weekend. I had fun giving the Minnesota group a MINI tour of Chicago!

    MR RCH

  5. Especially enjoyed that little back road where we re-enacted some of the rides. Next year I'll avoid the chilli place and check out that steak place across from the hotel. (Kirkwood)

  6. Great MINI plate collage. Tommy and I enjoyed ourselves, PKI and the MINI company. He was more emphatic about the chili though … I think he used the pharase “its disgusting.” Good thing there was a Taco Bell across the way or the night would have been lost. Hope to see everyone next year if they do it again.

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