MINI Road Trips

Here are a few MINI trips that Chicagoland Club members are planning on attending.

If you are looking for a bit of company on your trip, post here and hopefully we can get people hooked up.

If you are planning on going on a different MINI road trip, let me know and I will add the info to this post.

Spring Thing 11 February 24 – 26 Jacksonville Florida.

MINI's on the Dragon May 4-7 Fontana, North Carolina.

Mini's on the Dragon Frapper map

New London to New Brighton May 20 Minnesota.

MINI's on Top June 17th Mount Washington, New Hampshire. More information Here

5 thoughts on “MINI Road Trips

  1. i'd like to do the dragon but my sked won't allow me to. I do have like a week off in June, so I'm thinking of doing the MOT.

  2. Mini's On Top is definately a go for our 2 MINI's!!! If anyone is interested in joining in the rally heading east, make sure you get on the mailing list and be ready to register as soon as they open it up! (There is a limit!)
    Also look at Steve's link above for the most recent info on 2006 MOT.
    I've already got MINI's from NY asking for us to join ranks enroute to New Hampshire!

    >The word is out about CMMC coming, and they want you and Liam!
    Anyone else interested?

    Def dates are as follows:
    June 15th – (Thur)New York area
    June 16th – (Fri)Yankee Candle Event
    June 17th- (Sat)MOT!
    Will fine tune as we find out more!

  3. I've tossed around the idea of doing MOT, but that is one heck of a drive… I've already booked a room at Fontana for May.

    Who's coming down for the F1 race on 7/2?

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