Knauz Garage Day Important Update

Unfortunately plans have changed for the Knauz Garage Day. Due to the attorneys getting involved we will not be able to do any work ourselves at Knauz and thus the garage day will not happen as planned. However Knauz as graciously offered each of us a chance to get complimentary inspections by their cheif MINI mechanic and ask any of those questions that we鈥檝e always wondered about. So this event has really changed from an open garage to more of a MINI tech Q&A. This could perfect for the folks who also want to do a tech spec before heading out to various track events for the summer or just want to get a free check-up and learn more about their MINI.

That said, this may be dissapointing to more than a few out there who had hoped for some quality shop time at great facilities. However I鈥檇 like to thank the folks at Knauz who are still more than willing to host us and provide these complimentary inspections. And of course any work that you would like to get done, they will certainly help set up an appointment and offer a discount. Knauz will also offer a 20% discount on most parts as well.

So, for all those that expressed interested, I’d like to ask you let us know if you’re still interested. We’ll be creating a loose schedule in the next couple of days

And for all those that would like to have some sort of CMMC Garage Day, we’re going to try to put something together very soon.

19 thoughts on “Knauz Garage Day Important Update

  1. I already know the status of my car and will be graciously removing myself from the list. Sorry it didn’t work out. Thanks anyway. 馃檨 馃檨 馃檨

  2. Thanks for chiming in Arnie. We’ll keep you up to date on our upcoming Garage day plans as soon as we nail them down.

  3. What a disappointment. I had the air intake all lined up. I guess I’ll still buy it, but really could have used some supervision in the install. Do you think that this installation is something the CMMC garage day could accomplish?

    Also, on an unrelated note, any chance there is a CMMC badge in the works?

  4. Bummer, I was looking forward to seeing you all work on your MINI’s and learning about mine. Hey Arn, maybe you know someone who knows someone with a hoist. I’ll bring the donuts.

  5. I was wondering if this would be a liability issue. It’s still a fantastic idea and thanks to all who worked hard on planning this. I look forward to an event in the future where we could all do this (private garage, maybe).

  6. Do you think that this installation is something the CMMC garage day could accomplish?

    Yes. it is my goal (even if I have to invite people over to my garage in Evanston) to have a real CMMC garage day for all those interested in working on their own car.

    Also, on an unrelated note, any chance there is a CMMC badge in the works?

    If there’s interest, yes. However I probably won’t have time until I get back from the Dragon in a few weeks.

  7. Great ideas are evolving, and intentions are commendable.
    Hoping there will still be a good turnout on the 29th for all the efforts. It still sounds like you can get a 20% discount and complimentary inspection…. not to mention meeting some MINIacs… and an opportunity to test drive a 2006!
    (8:30 – 1PM)

  8. Okay – so far we have 3 interested including myself. Anyone else? I’m going to send out a club-wide email tonight as well.

  9. I’d still be interested in stopping buy on Saturday if a get together is planned. Heck, if they want they can inspect my car.

    I’m interested in a CMMC badge too. A badge is the one item for sure on my Saturday shopping list.


  10. I’ll be there! And i’ll take an inspection too! Just had my 10k service a month ago, but this will be a good thing to have had done just before a long road trip!

  11. I responded to the email, but I’ll try to make it down for the event. Not sure when I’ll arrive though. I’m game for the inspection as well. Hope there are some badges left when I get there! 馃榾

  12. I plan on being there Sat AM and would like a badge too. I know there was some chat about the badge on the other chat room.

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