Open Garage Day at Knauz MINI (4/29)

Knauz MINI and the CMMC are teaming up for an open garage day for all CMMC members. Knauz will be offering us several lifts and garage bays to work on our cars and 20% off all MINI parts throughout the day.

This is a perfect opportunity for the folks who have some mods or accessories to add to their MINI but don’t have the lift and/or the garage to help with installation. It’s also an ideal time to work on your car since Knauz will have a few MINI technicians on hand should any questions come up. And it’ll be an ideal opportunity to discuss mods and get help with installations from other MINI owners

When: The Open Garage day will take place on Saturday April 29th and will start around 8:30 am and go until around 1 pm.

Where: Knauz MINI! Just park near the MINI dealer at Knauz and meet inside. We’ll go from there!

CMMC members can RSVP for space by simply posting below.

See you there!

  • Gah! I'm moving that day. 🙁 It'd be fun to come hang out, even though I don't have any mods to do.

  • Michael

    Sounds like a great event! Too bad my MINI won't be here until May 3rd! Thanks for putting this together. Hopefully I can catch the next one.

  • Donna

    I may come watch 🙂

  • Ernie

    cool, this will be an easy way to rotate the tires on the car.

    cya there

  • Ernie

    ARGH! Just checked the calendar again and I'll be busy at an American Cancer Society charity event.

    Guess I'll have to get my tires rotated the old fashioned way in my own garage 🙁

  • Steve Rosenblum (Club Vice President)

    I'd like to be there, but I am currently scheduled to be out of town 🙁

  • Donna

    Rats! Steve, I was going to watch you rotate MY tires…

  • Greg Shives

    Not the most exciting mod but I have always wanted to add a skid plate and never got around to it. I have no idea what's involved but would like to bring a Moss aluminum to install if someone could offer some guidance.

  • Hey Greg – I'm sure more than one of us could help you with it!

  • Arnie Press

    I have a lift @ home, but I bet I can get into some kind of trouble there. Count me in. Can we use the alignment rack for REAR alignment camber? I recently put in adjustable links…

  • Mark

    ooooh, this sounds fun. How does this work? I'm wanting to install a pulley & intake, I think i can handle the intake, but i might need a lot of help with the pulley.

  • Francis (MiniMac2005)

    I'll be there!!! I have the M7 USS that I'd like to install under my cabrio. I could use the help.. heck, I'd like to take pictures too!

  • Paul

    I thinking the same mod as Greg. Maybe I'll just stop in and see how it's installed and install mine after my 10K service.

  • John

    I think I will be there to just hang out and spectate. I will be bringing my Pulley removal tools, so if someone wants to do a pulley swap, get it ordered now!!!

  • Jim

    I will be at Knauz.

  • Mike

    I am checking with Knauz about the JCW air intake. I'd love to install it there, under adult supervision.

  • PK

    How about work that does not require a rack? Like an Ipod interface? Maybe I should buy it from Knauz and then have no guilt about asking for guidance. Would that be okay? Thank you! Paul

  • Christopher Wysoglad

    While I don't have any mods planned, I'm planning on being there to lend a hand to anyone and to learn as much as possible! Thanks!


  • Brian

    Hi everyone! I am new to the club (application is inbound) and would be interested in joining in. My MINI is arriving this week, and would like get some parts installed. Nothing major yet, just the alarm and an aux jack. 🙂 Thanks, Brian

  • Sorry I've been late in getting responses out to everyone. Here goes:

    Mark: you'll need a pulley removal tool and someone with some experience using it. I've never done one or seen it done. Maybe Paul can help?

    Francis: If you have instructions I'm sure you'd find more than one of us willing to lend a hand.

    Mike: Ken and myself have put in two so there should be at least two of us there with some experience w/the intake.

    PK: An iPod interface should be easy enough. I can show you how to open up your dash to get your radio out.

    Brian: No experience with the alarm but I'm sure you could get some pointers from a few folks.

    I'll try to get a schedule for everyone by the end of this week!

  • Mike Holbach

    Just bought a new Cooper S from Kuauz in March. Looking forward to meeting the club. My membership is in route. FYI Free car wash every Saturday for Knauz bought Coopers! See you there..

  • marco

    if i take my MINI and a set of new tires there will they mount, balance, and align them?

  • addamaniac

    I will be attending. I am wondering if tools are goign to be rented/borrowed. I would like to do a crank pulley swap, but would need the puller for it. anyone know if we are gonna have access to tools?

  • Gabe

    Big change of plans guys. Please read this post and let us know if you’re still interested in attending:

    Please read: Knauz garage day important update

  • Chris

    I’ll be there! Who can turn down a free inspection!