MCSCC High Speed Autocross Results

Congrats to the MINIs that participated in the Midwestern Council Sports Car Clubs high speed autocross on April 8th at the Autobahn Country Club.

CMMC members included Brian L.,Gabriel B.,John D., Matt A., Carl M., and Steve D. Times for the Cooper Ss in the various classes ranged from 1:19.185 to 1:27.399

3 thoughts on “MCSCC High Speed Autocross Results

  1. Midwestern Council is made up of 9 local clubs. The MINI’s made quite an impression. I got my MWCSCC monthly news letter yesterday, and there are three CMMC MINI’s on the front page. I also got my local club, Salt Creek Sports Car Club newsletter. They used a photo similar to the one posted here on an inside page.

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