MINI Takes the States

MINIUSA will be organizing a Cross Country Drive called MINI Takes the Sates (MTTS) to celebrate the arrival of the JCW Cooper S GP kit.

Patrick MINI, in conjunction with Chicago MINI Motoring Club – will be conducting a drive from South Holland Oasis near the Illinois-Indiana border (time TBA) to Indy on August 30th to see off the MTTS procession.  

The plan is to all drive together down I-65 (hopefully with some aerial coverage from the media) to Indy.
Once there, we’ll rendezvous with the MTTS group (TBD) and break-out our picnic baskets.
We’ll mingle, take photos, and have a raffle for various items (gas cards, swag, etc.).
Last but not least, plans are being set in motion to arrange a Motoring Hearts pledge drive (cents/mile) so anyone participating would get a MH Grille Badge as well!!
The proceeds will benefit Pediatric Cancer. 

Stay tuned to either the CMMC or Patrick MINI site(s) for further details as they become available…


Check out This Post for additional information

Here is the  Chicago forum information for people driving the leg from St. Louis to Indy

4 thoughts on “MINI Takes the States

  1. Check the forum for more info and a group going down to St Louis for the Leg across IL to Indy. This may be one of the biggest Mini events within our state for years, I won’t miss it.

  2. If you plan on being in St. Louis for the game you must register with miniusa to get an armband for entry.
    I’m registered for the St.L-Indy leg.

  3. I’m still trying to figure out if I’m going to do the run from St Louis to Indy, or just drive down with the club to Indy direct.

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