Indiana Drive – June 24th

WRAPUP: Thirteen MINIs (including several new members) came out for an early morning drive through some fun back roads.

Yellow MINIs dominated on the color count this time.

Many of us had our first ever trip to a tatoo parlor. We somehow managed to get through almost every traffic light as a bunch.
Huge thanks to Lori for all the planning, (and happy b-day!!)

Take an early morning drive with the Chicago MINI Motoring Club out to Indiana..

Here are the details:

WHERE: Starting at JW Holsteins 17358 Oak Park Ave. Tinley Park Il

Ending at Paragon Family Restaurant 1545 Lincoln Highway, Schererville, IN

WHEN: Saturday June 24th. Meet at 8:00am, hit the road at 8:30

WHY: Just a chance to get together and explore some fun roads

Hope to see you there!!

24 thoughts on “Indiana Drive – June 24th

  1. Wow, you guys will be right in the neighborhood. The Paragon is 5 minutes from the house. So I think we’ll swing over to Tinley and ride back home with y’all.


  2. The Paragon is 5 minutes from the house

    Yea, we thought we should give the Indiana border area people a chance to sleep in for a change 馃槈

    If any northsiders are interested in heading out there as a group, let me know

  3. Count me in!! And i wouldn’t mind a group drive down to Tinley park… let me know what you all are thinking!

  4. I plan on making the trip. We definitely should have a N-side caravan to head south since I’m not familiar with the area. I think I’ve been to Tinley Park once for a concert way back when…

  5. Hi Gang,

    I might be interested. I am a northsider. Where would me meet to caravan together? What time?


  6. Google tells me its an hour from Skokie taking 94 and 57.

    I haven’t been through the construction area yet, so I have no idea how bad it would be early Saturday, or if it is worth looking for an alternate route. We will probably need to add on 15 or 20 minutes regardless.

    All except Richard are north and/or west of me in Skokie. We could meet up at “House of Steve” and pick up Richard en-route..

  7. I would like to meet up w/the north siders…Where is the “House of Steve”? I’m in Grayslake…
    Or maybe meet at the Lake Forest Oasis…

    Mike ’06 MCS hyper blue

  8. I am down for a nice drive…havent seen you guys in a while. Steve i am up for the northside meet up, just tell me when and where. C ya all on saturday!

  9. Hey Steve…

    it looks like we’re going to have a pretty good group getting together from the northside.. if we’re going to take the Edens into the city, maybe we should meet at/near Old Orchard? Maybe we can meet in the Ruby Tuesday’s lot since it’s right at the entrance ramp? Just a thought.

    Francis (MiniMac2005)

  10. Sounds like a fun time – as usual. However I have a wedding to go to the night before and there is absolutely no way I’m committing to an 8am anything the next day. :o( Bummer as I’d like to do another group drive and traffic heading South on the Ryan at that time of morning likely wouldn’t be all that bad.

    Have fun all!!

  11. Old Orchard sounds like a good meeting place. Francis and Steve, I’m even willing to make more cupcakes!!

  12. I hope to see many of you there! I drove it last weekend, lots of fun country back roads! The end point is just off of Rt 30 and Rt 41 in NW Indiana, it is a straight shot to 80 if you go north on Rt 41. You may want to work on a possible alternate route home because of the construction on 80. Let me know at the drive if you need any directions, I will be mor than happy to help! ***Lori***

  13. i should be back just in time to join you guys for the drive to my neck of the woods… (posting from the adirondacks! p.s. M.O.T. was awesome!!! we had a blast!!!)

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  15. Steve:

    Are you heading to Tinley Park from Old Orchard, or straight to IN?
    Looks like I didn’t make it off the waiting list for Windy City BMW at Gingerman, so I might join in.


  16. Tinley park is the start of the drive.

    Northsiders that want to go as a group will be heading there from Old Orachard area (Edens/Kennedy/I57).

    The drive from Tinley park to Schererville will be about 55 miles of fun roads, and then eats for anyone who wants to hang out for late b-fast..

  17. Great drive!!! Thanks Lori for putting that together. I think the best parts of the drive were the sections NOT on the route (LOL)!!! Especially that HUGE hill after we missed the turnoff. My daughter thought we were on a roller coaster and kept screaming “again! again!!”.

    For us Northsiders.. the drive back was pretty fun too!!

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