July 4th Parade meetup

MINIs on Parade


A total of 19 Chicago and Milwaukee area MINIs participated in the Milwaukee MINIs 4th of July parade in Wauwatosa Wisconsin.

The weather was great, the crowds were enthusiastic, and the MINIs were dressed to the nines..

Top Hat MINI

With the exception of one Radio Control MINI (who found itself under the wheels of a full size MINI), a fun time was had by all

mini MINI

Thanks to Theresa for planning the event, and letting the Chicago Club come up and hang with the Milwaukee club!!

Pictures from Tom, pictures from Francis, and more pics here

american flag mini

The Milwaukee MINIs club will be participating in a 4th of July parade in Wauwatosa Wisconsin.

We will meet up with the Milwaukee club at the Heritage House parking lot in Wisconsin at 8am, Parade starts at 9am.

Local Chicago area meetup will be the Ruby Tuesday parking lot off the Edens expressway and Old Orchard Road. We will need to leave at 6:15 (ouch) to make it up to Wisconsin with a few minutes to spare. If anyone further north wants to join up en-route, just let us know and we will watch for you on the way up!!

Dress up in your best Red, White, and Blue and put your MINI on parade!!

UPDATE 06/27/2006

Here is additional information from Theresa of the Milwaukee MINIs:


It’s almost here! We’re so excited about the upcoming parade and have heard from so many of you that you will be participating.

First and foremost, PLEASE BE SURE TO BRING CANDY. We just learned that the parade officials want walking participants to hand out candy, rather than toss it from moving cars. We’re not sure how strict they will be on this issue, so maybe bring along a passenger with good walking shoes as a back-up plan? Consider bringing American flags, window decals, and wearing red, white and blue too!

Please meet by 8 am (preferably by 7:45 am) at the Heritage House at 2323 N. Mayfair Road, right across from Mayfair Mall and the Cheesecake Factory. This is essentially at the intersection of North Avenue and Hwy. 100( Mayfair Road.) If you get lost, call 262-853-5239. We will then proceed to the staging area across the street in the Mall parking lot. We are unit #52, and the official viewing area with the TV cameras is located in front of Sendik’s Grocery Store, half-way on the route at 86th and North Avenue. If we are witty enough that morning, we may be also coming up with a “routine” of sorts to perform in front of the cameras.

The parade steps off at 9 am, and we will be joined by local RC MINI Racers who will be walking the route with us. After the parade is complete, please join us for an early pizza break at Edwardo’s Pizza at 10845 W. Bluemound Road. This is right across from the Milwaukee Zoo, and also easy access for the highways.

22 thoughts on “July 4th Parade meetup

  1. Steve,
    You need to change the red car above to a blue!! We are trying to see if we can make it with mine. Theresa said if Gary and I make it we can lead. Yea!

  2. I won’t be able to make this event 🙁 🙁 Sounds like it will be a very fun time. Looking forward to seeing lots of pictures!

  3. Ouch 6:15 AM departure time!!!! I am interested. If I can get up and be in Old Orchard that early. (chuckle chuckle)

  4. Steve- I’ll be there, even though it’s a little early. Do we need any decorations for the cars??

  5. You don’t need decorations for your car (they are cool enough as is).

    I will be putting a little something-somthing on my MINI when I get up there, and have a couple bags of candy for the kids to toss out the sunroof..

  6. I was looking for decorations.. didn’t find anything that goes well with BRG… I still need to get some candy. But.. I did find a great looking Uncle Sam hat I can wear !!!

  7. Francis- I think I’m going to put together a giant Uncle Sam top hat for my car. The checkerboard birthday hat just isn’t very patriotic….

  8. So what time do you think you would be to the state line? (Just in case I decide to get up early and join you)

  9. It’s great that some of you are coming up for the parade. I know some are thinking of hitting the Milwaukee Zoo as a post-parade activity. Here is the website with the rates for the zoo: http://www.milwaukeezoo.org/hours_fees.html. Please note that admission does not include parking (which is $8.00). I do have a membership which allows admission for a guest and myself along with parking. We can talk “pre-parade” to work out details.

  10. I’m thinking about going with the group. I could meet on the on ramp of Milwaukee Ave (Route 21) and I 94 in Gurnee. Say about 7:15 AM. Yikes an early one again.
    Steve: I could call you on the morning of a 7 AM…

  11. Tom – Thanks for the info!!! I’ll have to remember to get a pic of our BRG’s !!!!

    Jenny – so how big is that hat going to be???

  12. Francis- No idea yet. But something along the lines of the birthday hat. I figure it’s important to have some parade spirit. And whlie I love the mini, it does need a little bit of decoration. Chris is going to be in charge of creating the hat again.

  13. Hello,
    I would like to join you for the parade !
    I would also like to meet you at the Rt 21 and 94 on ramp in GURNEE at 7:15am ! I have a 2004 Black Mini-with white bonnet stripes and chekerboard mirrors.


    Please call me to confirm
    -Mike Latone
    847-903-8061 cell

  14. Francis – Indeed! 🙂 I just hope I remember my camera. I had a BRG MCS with white roof pull up next to me on the highway, honk, wave, and speed off! It was like meeting a long lost twin brother! 😀

    Can’t wait for Tuesday!

  15. Steve- I heard that there’s a forecast for rain tomorrow. is the parade still on if it rains or not?? just curious….

  16. According to the weather channel… scattered rain tonight, but should be clear and sunny by parade time tomorrow. Gotta go out and get some candy and a carwash!!!

  17. Thanks to all of our friends “down south” who came up and joined us for the parade!!! Great to see pictures already posted. I still have to get mine up and running yet.

    Francis – Hope you enjoyed the zoo!

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