Mad Dogs & Englishman

Mad Dogs MINI


Four MINIs took the scenic and twisty drive up the back roads to Kalamazoo Michigan to participate in the Mad Dogs and Englishman car show.

We had a Saturday evening meetup and meal with members of the Michigan MINI Club.

Sunday brought fantastic weather and almost every type of British cars that you could imagine (and more MGs and Triumphs than you could shake a stick at).

There were about 40 MINIs (and Minis) participating, ranging from bone stock to custom painted to 300HP turbo-charged creations, and every mod in-between.

Besides showing off the cars, and judging numerous categories, there was a chance to play a few field games including a casual autocross, a bucket racce (the driver is blindfolded, and the navigator needs to give directions to complete a slow speed slalom), Motor polo and others.

It was a blast to hang out with the Michigan club and enjoy tons of British cars!!

RoundBarn MINI

Check out some more photos here and here  and here

The Mad Dogs and Englishman car show will be held Sunday July 9th at the Gilmore Car Club Museum. Registration starts at 8:00 and the show is open to the public at 9:00.

The Chicago MINI Motoring Club will be meeting up wth members of the the Michigan MINI Club for a bit of Ice Cream at the Bella Creamery, 10098 Shaver Rd. at 7pm Saturday evening.

Anyone interested in a Saturday morning drive in Southwestern Michigan, check out the North American Motoring forums.

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6 thoughts on “Mad Dogs & Englishman

  1. Hello Gang, be sure and check the FORUM for a Fun Sat Drive over to K-Zoo.

    Bend the Rules, and Rule the Bends, Dustin

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  3. Those MI folks have some very sharp MINI’s. Great show, but where were all of the CHI-town folks? I saw Steve’s car, but no clubmembers…

  4. Only 4? You got 4 on the wine tour + john & tommy makes = 5 cars? Or was one of the wine tour cars a “prospect?”

  5. The EB/EB MCS that joined us on the wine tour was a “Michiganer” just out for a Saturday drive (but he has done other CMMC events with us in the past).

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