Micro Car National Aug 12

WRAPUP: 15 MINIs (and Mini), a Prowler and an MG took off on an 18 mile scenic drive to the MicroCar show. We were treated to VIP parking in the front row, and joined by a number of additional MINIs.

The show was amazing!! There was more of everything small than you could possibly imagine. Those that stuck around to the end of the show were treated to rides around the parking lot by a number of the vehicles including Messerschmitts, Isettas, Skoda, Smart Cars, 2CVs and an Amphibicar.

Thanks to Anders for planning the drive, and Arnie for the special parking!!

Photo Show from Lynn

Photos from Paul | Tom



BMW 600

Check out the smallest cars around at the Micro Car National event on Saturday August 12th in Crystal Lake.

When: Saturday August 12. We will hit the road at 9:45

Where: Meet at the Dunkin Donuts at 469 West Liberty Street, Wauconda (NOTE: there is a large parking lot on the other side of the street as our meetup area) and take a short scenic drive in to Crystal Lake.

Who: Anyone is welcome.. Old Minis, New MINIs, no MINIs.


  • Donna

    I cannot wait to see those little cars 🙂

  • We’re planning to be there too.

  • Greg

    I can’t wait!!

  • Jim

    I have it down on my calendar and will be there. I gave up the Great Taste of the Midwest Microbeer festivel for this. The threats from Arnie worked. 🙂


  • I’d pick MicroCars over MicroBeers.. Less hangover

  • Bruce

    Won’t miss this if we can help it!!
    (Puppy due that weekend…!)
    Talking about food, the Tribune recently mentioned a number of top tacos spots in and around Chicago. It just so happens that the 3rd place winner is an unassuming grocery store near the car show, La Rosita, where, for a decent price, you get an awesome taco. It is just a couple blocks north of the show, on Main St, (1 blk past the train crossing), for any of you game for a gastronomic diversion.
    (Chicago’s top tacos, Chicago Tribune, section 5A, pg 10, 5/18/06 :^)

  • Rose

    So far looks good to go.

  • Dustin

    Racing Sat, will be there Sun.

  • Arnie

    Hey Jim,


    It will be a great event. We have **140 cars** that are PRE-REGISTERED and expect a lot more.

    Over 250 registered people coming in from all over the country.
    It’s really LQQKing good…

    PLUS all the kewl Kars that won’t be registered for the show, like our MINI’s -mini’s and many others.

    There will be special parking for CMCC

    BCNU there,

  • Arnie

    The Last Post WHAT’S CMCC?

    I meant the special parking is for CMMC -Chicago Mini Motoring Club 😉
    It’s 1:00 AM, ok

    P.S. Dustin, the car show is on Saturday!!!
    Drive Fast, Drive Safe!!!

  • Jim

    Bruce, great idea on the taco place. I read that too and always love good Mexican food. We should be able to get a few of the CMMC folks to take a stroll over there.


  • Merri

    We don’t have a mini, but have friends with several. We have a Prowler. Would we be an outcast from going on this run ?

  • We have a Prowler. Would we be an outcast from going on this run ?

    Come on out and join us on the drive.. It’s not going to be really long, just a fun way in to see the Microcar show!!

  • Arnie


    Please come, even if you have a HUMMER H 1

    It’s going to be a blast. If you go to http://www.microcarmuseum.com/tour/messerschmittkr201.html you will see a preview of many of the types of cars you will see. There are many more that are not on this site too…

    I am bringing a Pulse Autocycle (similar to the BD5 Jet in James Bond Movie – Octopussy) and a Classic Mini Woody wagon…

    The builder/inventor of the Pulse and the BD5 Jet in that movie is a speaker at the show, as well as SMART car from ZAP of Phoenix. Marilyn J. Felling the guru woman that knows more about Micro Cars than anyone one the planet… and best of all, it’s all free 😉

    I am saving parking in the lot for NEW MINI’s.
    We can park together. If there is any confusion, have whom ever get me on the radio…

    Spread the word!!!

  • Tom

    I’m planning on being there! Should be some pretty cool and quite unique cars.

    Steve: Just as a head’s up, the link for the Dunkin’ Donuts’ address is broken.

  • Link is fixed now.

    Also found out there is an East and West Liberty street. We want West!!

  • Ken (the host) had his SmartCar at Cruise night a few weeks ago, hopefully he will have it at the meet.

    I plan to set up a tent for M.I.N.I. (I hopoe to have the banner) and CMMC is welcome to join us.

    I have no idea what the layout and parking will be, but I will find out when I check in Friday afternoon.

    There is an “abandoned” gravel lot across the street that will hold several hundred cars which people use on cruise night. There are several “free on weekends” commuter parking lots near the METRA station a few blocks away.


  • One more MINI 😉 We’ll be there.

  • Chris

    Count Lori and me in! Looking forward to it!

  • Tom

    What a cool event! The drive into the event was great! And wow….my car looks big compared to some of those cars. I took scads of pictures which will be forthcoming. Thanks again for great time!

  • Paul L

    This was a fun event and glad I stopped by. Was able to get a few rides in too around the lot in some really small vehicles.

    Thanks for the heads up on this event!

  • Rose

    Thanks again CMMC for putting together a fun event. Heard a lot of great comments from the crowd about our MINIS. They all looked GREAT.

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  • Bruce

    This event was truly a hoot!!
    If you weren’t smiling, you just had to laugh at the cars zipping around the parking lot!
    Definately worth seeing the roots of our MINI’s today!
    Thanks for getting CMMC involved!!!