BSSP Ad Agency Run: Pictures

Be sure to check out the CMMC group on Flickr for plenty of drive photos. And feel free to add your own! To start, you just need a flickr account and an internet. Oh and pictures help!

CMMC Flickr Group

8 thoughts on “BSSP Ad Agency Run: Pictures

  1. This was our first CMMC event and we were very impressed with the turnout, organization and friendship. Our check is in the mail with the membership ap. We liked what we saw and did. Looking forward to more.

  2. What a great drive and meet. Thanks to Patrick for hosting and feeding us. Thanks BSSP for the update and giving us a reason to enjoy going to the mail box.

    Lots of NEW faces and some of the great old ones too.

    Now, if I can learn how to upload pics to that site Steve talked about, I鈥檒l share some cool pics with you all soon.

    Till Next Time, Keep the rubber side down, Dustin

  3. This was my first event and I wish to extend a warm thank you to CMMC and PATRICK for hosting a great event. My son really enjoyed the drive!

    I’ve already dropped off my Application to join and looking forward to more clubs events and getting to become familiar with the group.

  4. Thanks to CMMC, BSSP, and Patrick MINI for a great day. These kind of events always makes the drive down from Milwaukee worth it!

  5. This was my first event also. It was fun to take my 2.5 week old MINI. I am putting my application to join in the mail today.

    I am looking foward to future events!

  6. Simply put, it was a great day! I had another “OH $#!T” moment with the family in tow during the run.. in the rain (LOL!!!)
    It was great to see so many familiar faces (Dragon vets – Gabe, Ken, Matt, Steve, Brian, Taylor, Paul). Even better that there were so many new ones too. Good to see Dan at his 1st CMMC run!! Good to see Tom (MiniShagz) again (loved your pic of my new Dragon emblem!) Shout out to Steve, Lori, Drew, Dennis, Mr RCH, Mike, Adam & Marco. I’m not so good with names sometimes, so if you see yourself in any of my pics, give me a shout and I’ll try to remember for the next CMMC meet!

    We’ll see you on the roads (or NAM)!! MTTS here I come 馃檪

  7. Thanks to BSSP and Patrick for a great morning! I was so excited to finally get to drive a classic Mini…IT WAS SWEET!!! 馃檪 ***Lori***

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