MINI Ad Agency Run: Chicago / Aug. 6th


Almost 60 MINIs (and Mini) and over 100 people showed up at Patrick MINI for breakfast and a presentation from BSSP and MINIUSA. They shared insight and information about MINIs marketing strategy and direction as well as some sneak peeks of upcomming advertising.

We hit the road for a 50 mile tour of some great area backroads. A few morning sprinkles kept the driving interesting.

After heading back, we enjoyed a cookout lunch and a chance to hang out and visit with friends.

Huge thanks to BSSP and MINIUSA for comming out to share information with us (and b-fast), Patrick MINI for opening up and hosting this event on a Sunday, Pat for planning the fantastic drive route, and CMMC for the lunch!!!!

If anyone has links to event photo’s, send me an e-mail to steve(at) and I will link them here.

Pics from Francis | Gabe | Dustin | Bruce | Tom | Dan | Caren

Video by Taylor


[UPDATED SCHEDULE BELOW – meeting time changed to 8:00 – 8:30am] Yes the rumors are true, BSSP (MINI’s new advertising agency) will be taking their show on the road with the first stop being Chicago. Fresh from their acclaimed MINI run in San Francisco, BSSP will be sharing with Chicago MINI owners the current state of MINI (in advertising and the marketplace) and offering us a glimpse of upcoming MINI advertising. I’ve been promised that it will all be very cool stuff! Nothing “business-y” . . . just really fun news in true MINI fashion. This will be a unqiue opportunity to get a sneak peak what the future will bring for the MINI brand as well as hit some great roads. It’s sure to be an event to remember!

When: Sunday August 6th at 8:00 am. We’ll be gathering for a bit of nourishment at Patrick MINI in Schaumburg before heading out to the back roads of Lake County for an abbreviated version of last year’s fall drive. From there we’ll meet back at Patrick MINI in Schaumburg Here’s a full schedule:

-8:00: 8:30: Arrive at Patrick MINI
-8:30: Breakfast starts
-9:00 am: BSSP Presentation starts
-10:00 am: We leave from Patrick for the run (download the route)
-12:00 pm: Lunch back at Patrick MINI.

Where: Patrick MINI (Google Map)

Who’s Invited: This event is open to all MINI owners.

RSVP: Yes! Please RSVP by responding to this thread.

What to bring: Cameras! As you can see, there were some fantastic photos taken at the San Francisco event. Let’s do what we can to top that!

See you all there!

  • Count me way in for one!!!

  • Jim

    Awww man, I’ll miss this as I’ll be in Indy for the Brickyard. I was already missing a Windy City BMW autox. August 6 is a popular day for car events!


  • Sounds like fun! Blalor just posted the information on the MINICCI website. My wife and I would love to attend.

  • Jenny

    I’ll definitely be there with a navigator!

  • Dave Z

    I’ll be there.

  • Dustin

    Ya Baby, Karen and I will be there. I hope someone drives the “drive” before we all try it. If you are not able, I would be more than willing to pre-drive it too make sure it works well. Let me know with an email or PM.

    Thanks Dustin

  • Charlie

    I’m in.

  • Adam

    I’m there!

  • Mark

    Add 2 more to the list. I can’t wait!

  • marco

    im in, im also down for a pre-drive if the time is right.

  • Richard

    Count me in.

  • Donna

    I am in too!

  • Chris

    Sounds great! Teresa & I will be there. I think we’ll be videotaping parts of the run too from the car.

  • Dustin

    I’ll cam up for the run too.

  • Greg

    Count me in!

  • Francis

    I’ll be there too. Not sure if the family will join.. but I’ll be there!

  • Kacey and I will be there in all likelihood, otherwise just I.

  • Tomi

    I plan to be there.

  • WriteStuff

    Save room for two more, please!

  • fiveten

    Now that I got my MINI from Patrick on Tuesday, I will be there!

  • Nicole and I will be there!

  • Mike

    Add one more. Sounds like fun.

  • Michael (Mayim)

    Hoping to not jinx myself, my MINI is scheduled to be picked up on Saturday the 5th. If it does indeed arrive, I will be there!

  • Tom

    I plan to be there. Whether I have a co-pilot or not is yet to be determined.

  • Rick

    Please sign me up for two…sounds like a good time

  • Bill Murphy

    Count me in for two!

  • Jeremy

    Count me in.

  • cathy woelfle

    Brickyard here too. Sorry can’t make this one.

  • Rose Frane

    Putting a new face on my Mini, will be there if all the work is complete.

  • GSKChicago

    Sounds like fun – I’m tentative. Have family in from out of town, so not sure what I will be able to get away with that weekend. Wife probably won’t join – may bring a friend if I’m able to get away.

  • I’am going to try to make it. Maybe bring the race car too.

  • dennis

    Count me in Steve… Liam will be there by default. :-)… I’ll probably have two other mortals join me.

  • KAY

    This sounds great! Count me in for 2! Crossing my fingers for good weather.

  • Ken

    Count me in for Two.

  • MINI_Mark

    Sounds like a lot of fun! I’m in with a navigator!

  • Bessie and 2 crew will be there. Can’t wait!

  • john & tommy

    a 75% maybe, 2.

  • Cliff

    Count me in for one.

  • The Seeker

    Gotta work, will try and make it later if this thing lasts a while.

  • Paul

    Will be joining the club, but will be attending this

  • Val

    Will be there with wife and kid.

  • Ron

    I’m not a CMMC member but my son and I would love to attend if that’s OK.

  • Ron.. It would be great to have you and your son at the event!!

  • Mike

    I’ll be there on Sunday morning. See you guys there!

  • Dennis Busch

    We are not members of CMMC. My wife and I are looking for a reason to get out after hiding from this heat and this sounds like great fun. Count us in for two.

  • Two of us will be there. Looking forward to it!!!

  • Taylor

    Wouldn’t miss it for the world! Taylor

  • Count me in for two. See you Sunday morning!

  • Bruce

    Looking forward to another MINI adventure!
    We’ll be 2 to 3 cars strong with 5 to 6 bodies along.
    For those interested, we plan to go to MONSTER HOUSE in digital 3-D at the AMC in the Streets of Woodfield theater afterwards!(2:20pm show) Looking forward to seeing you in those glasses, Liam =B^)

  • Lori

    See you all at 8am! I can’t wait! 🙂 ***Lori***

  • Tom & Heather

    We just got a mini and we’re not members, but would like to attend. 2 plus a kid. Thanks!

  • Mark

    Will attend. Count 2, See you Sunday morning!

  • Blake

    This is going to be HUGE! Oh, and I will have a navigator with.

  • Dustin

    HUGH is right, by my count, we are at 50 Mini’s and 75 people, CHICAGO MINIS ROCK. Taylor and I will be doing video and have plans for a very cool shot on Cooper Ct. More details on Sunday at the drivers meeting.

  • David Q

    Sorry About being last minute, but I’ll be there.

  • david o

    i’m in for 2

  • Dave Markland

    If it is not too late I would like to grab a spot!
    I recieved last minute clearance.

  • Robert

    Sorry for really last minute. Up to four of us. Will try to be there.


  • Dustin

    What a great drive and meet. Thanks to Patrick for hosting and feeding us. Thanks BSSP for the update and giving us a reason to enjoy going to the mail box.

    Lots of NEW faces and some of the great old ones too.

    Now, if I can learn how to upload pics to that site Steve talked about, I’ll share some cool pics with you all soon.

    Till Next Time, Keep the rubber side down, Dustin

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  • I have additional photos of the event up at my site: