Happy Birthday CMMC

The Chicago MINI Motoring Club is 3 years old!!

July 12th celebrates the third anniversary of our first formal club event, a drive starting downtown, and heading up Lake Shore Drive and Sheridan Road.

MINI drive

Huge thanks to all who have supported our club by joining and participating in events.

Check out all our older events Here

12 thoughts on “Happy Birthday CMMC

  1. As a member since Fall 2005, I want to Thank all of you that have made our club so much fun and may the next 3 years be even more fun with more Mini’s and Members stepping up to leadership roles.

    Keep Up the Great Work, and God Speed, Dustin

  2. Hey Marco, I imagine we will be able to do Lake Shore Drive and Sheridan road sometime in the near future. It is one of my favorite roads on the north shore.

    Six of us drove up a part of that route on the way back from the Indiana Drive at the end of June while you were off playing in Europe 馃槈

  3. oh yeah…i forgot about that, lol. how about an informal drive then, since i missed it. anybody down?

  4. WOW! Happy 3rd Birthday CMMC!

    I wonder how many original members are still around??? I’m in for the LSD/Sheridan drive!

    P.S. What a nice looking IB/B MCS that is in the picture!

  5. Well Amy, I can remember the first group of owners that got together before there was an official club 馃檪 and I think most of us are still around. Deb moved away, and I haven’t seen Bob W. in ages, I think he may have moved away too.

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