Sheridan Road Run September 24th

August and September have been busy months for MINI activities, so we will be doing a very low key casual drive along some of the North Shore’s nicest roads.

Sheridan Road

WHEN: Sunday September 24th Rain or Shine. Lets plan to leave about 9:00am
WHERE: Start east of Lake Shore Drive at the Montrose Harbor area exit.

Not really sure what the parking situation is down there, but how hard can it be to find a bunch of MINIs on a Sunday morning? We will shoot for meeting in this parking lot if possible.

We will take a brief re-group/rest/coffee stop at Plaza Del Lago in Wilmette, and finish at the Full Moon Cafe in Lake Bluff for food or just hanging out with the Sunday morning North Shore motorcycle crowd.

WHO: This drive is open to anyone who wants to take an easy drive up some fun roads.

We will not be putting together route sheets for this drive, but we usually have several people with FRS radios, and we will try to all stick together and buddy up people who are not familiar with the roads.

Post up if you are interested, so we have an idea of how many people will attend.

Hope to see you there!!

42 thoughts on “Sheridan Road Run September 24th

  1. Can I meet up with you all at the Plaza del Lago, in Wilmette? Prior commitment earlier. Timewise, when do you think you’ll all arrive? I vote for 9:oo am, if I could be there that early.

  2. I’m afraid to go since I owe Conrad stuff and he is going to hurt me.

    I might sneak in a quick drive before I have Noon football with my son.

  3. I’m in.
    Taylor, I would never hurt you. Where have you heard that before ? By the way how is the stuff progressing …

  4. Debi,

    We had to lobby for 9am, Steve wanted 8am, maybe we should do a 9am and 10am for you and I. LOL

    See at 9am.

  5. Steve, will there be a more detailed “meeting” spot, other then, “WHERE: Start east of Lake Shore Drive at the Montrose Harbor area exit.” We could have MINI’s all over the “area”. Can you nail it down for us?

    Thanks Dustin

  6. Good idea Steve! That’s easy to get to and big enough for a few MINIs. I’ll probably leave home early so I can cruise LSD for a bit before the run!

  7. hm.. what time do we plan to reach plaza del lago, I might leave afterwards to catch the bears game and such.

  8. After you exit LSD and go east there is a parking lot on the left that large enough for us to meet. see you there on Saturday @9:00 am.

  9. 9am is fine with me…. we should start at 8am so we can cruise by Gabe’s and wake him up :p

    Whoa… thats not cool! Actually I’m going to try to make this one.

  10. Whoa… thats not cool! Actually I’m going to try to make this one.

    he he he… just checking to see if you were paying attention 🙂

    We’ll see you Sunday (rain or shine?)

  11. alas, i also cannot make it to the run. Knaus works too slow, lol. They have had my car since thursday. It wasnt ready in time to give to me, so i have no car for tomorrow. I really wanted to go on this run,too. I finally bought new tires to show off to everybody, too. damn. next time.

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