Milwaukee Fall Drive 9/17

Join the Milwaukee MINIs for their Fall Foliage Poker Run on Sunday Spetember 17th.

Wisconsin meetup is at 8:45 in the American TV parking lot and the end will be around noon at the Water Street Brewery in Delafield Wi.

RSVP to if you are interested in attending.

Also check out this post for additional details.

Chicago area people interested in attending, add a comment and we can try to find a meetup time and place to travel up together.

25 thoughts on “Milwaukee Fall Drive 9/17

  1. I think Gary and I might make this one. Maybe convince the neighbor to come. She just got a new MINI and her boyfriend has a classic.

  2. hey, this is the boyfriend of the neighbor that Cathy mentioned and we are tenatively planning on attending. possibly with 1 extra guest, a german exchange student from MSOE.

  3. I am interested in attending the Milwaukee Fall Drive on 9/17. My concern is to drive all the way up there for a couple of hours event. Are there many people from the Chicago area going?

  4. Nevermind that previous question … i need to read things more thoroughly, all the instructions are up ^^^ there!

  5. Glad to hear the folks are interested in coming up! We’d love to have you!

    I drove the route last night and it should bring a smile to peoples’ faces. There are some nice twisty roads, although I would have to stress caution on these “rustic roads”. They are narrow, many blind corners, some have some loose gravel, pedestrians, and/or cyclists on them, etc. Also, you may wish to bring a navigator along with you if possible as it is nice to have a seperate set of eyes, should you get seperated from the group.

    Both the start and the finish have easy access to I-94 nearby, for convenience. The Water Street Brewery does serve their own micro-brews and has pretty good BBQ ribs. While I’m pretty sure the TV’s will be tuned into the Packers Game, maybe we can swing one being tuned to the Bear Game, if possible.

    Hope you can make it and be sure to let Theresa know that you are coming so that we know to expect you.

  6. Hey guys! I will be there. If anyone wanted to meet up ahead of time, that would be a fun too! Just shoot me an email and maybe we can coordinate a meeting point. Thanks so much, hope to see you there! ***Lori,***

  7. Hey guys, I’m in for this drive!

    I hear the Edens REALLY sucks now on the weekends… SO I would suggest taking 294 to bypass that mess. Let me know if you want to caravan up for this. I think we’ll need to leave the northside no later than 7am to get there by 8:30. Do you guys want to meet at the Lake Forest Oasis on 294?? just a thought.

  8. The idea of meeting at the Lake Forest oasis sounds great! Count me in on that idea! Maybe even 6:30 to be on the safe side. Let me know what you think.

  9. Hi Guys,

    I am in for the caravan to Milwaukee. Do you think that the Edens will be bad on Sunday morning? I think 7:00 is early enough to leave and get there in time. They know that we are coming.

  10. Lake Forest oasis on 294 at 7am sounds great, see you there! It looks like 7 cars now if I counted correctly, I’ll try and get there a tad early if I can! Is there a Strabucks at that oasis…I hope so!

  11. The Lake Forest Oasis is the next exit north of Townline Rd on 94. Here’s the Tollway link:,1300922,57_1300967&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL

    Based on Google, it’ll take 90 minutes from that point. We should exchange cell#’s by email in case someone is running late, etc. I’m getting on 294 @ Golf Rd btw…

    Looks like it’s me, Lori, Richard, Mark and Brian. Maybe Gary/Cathy… Anyone else???

  12. Hi Guys,

    I am not to clear on how to get to the Lake Forest Oasis. Coming from Sheridan Road will rte 94 turn into rte 294?

  13. Richard… If you get onto 94 (Edens), you would take the toll-road instead of 41 north. 294/94 come together just north of Lake-Cook Rd. A few miles north of that is the oasis. The last exit before the oasis is Townline Rd.

    I’m getting on 294 at Golf Rd instead of taking the Edens (94) by Old Orchard. It’s a straight shot for me that way. Hope that helps.

  14. I’d love to attend but it’s too far and too early with my kids in tow. I can barely get them up at noon!

    Enjoy yourselves!

  15. Thanks to everyone who came up and joined us for the drive. Hope everyone had a good time! I also hope the weather continued to hold out for everyone’s drive home (we really lucked out with the weather vs. the forcast). It will be a bit before I have my pictures up as my internet access is minimal for the remainder of the month (only at work). Ahh, the pains of housesitting with no Internet.

    Thanks again!

  16. That was great!!! Thanks Tom for the invite!

    The weather was perfect for a run. Perfect scenery, very nice turnout. Nice showing by CMMC (Lori/Peter, Richard, Mark, Stephanie/Brian, Gary/Cathy). We had a little bit of everything on this run: Hills, twisties, some nice open country roads, friendly local and some wild life. Did I mention deer????

    Thanks again. See you guys again soon!

    here are my pics:

  17. Great drive guys! I saved the directions so that we may be able to sneak in some of thos roads on a future CMMC drive. Thanks to eveyone for coming! ***Lori***

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