Return to the Rock 10/29

Starved Rock MINI
Starved Rock State park is a beautiful destination located in Utica Illinois.

Wrapup: Fantastic fall weather, beautiful roads, and 50+ other MINIs out for a Sunday cruise. How can it get any better?

Thanks to Dustin and Conrad for the route planning, mapping, and organizing. Huge thanks to Patrick MINI for supplying a great starting point, Halloween donuts + Coffee, and to Lori for bringing cider.

If anyone has links to pictures, sent them to me, and I will add them here.

Pictures from Francis | Gary | Tom | Dan | Dennis | Cecilia
Video by Liam| Taylor聽 (added 11/12/06)|

Here is a link to some Group Driving Tips, and remember to set your clock back an hour on Sunday

This will be the Chicago MINI Motoring Club’s 3rd fall trip out there to enjoy the scenic roads and fall colors.

Where: Starting point is Patrick MINI in Schaumburg.

If you just can’t make it to Patrick MINI, the 2nd “meetup point” will be the Jewel Store located on Galena Blvd 1.3 miles west of Rt. 56 (and just before Il-47). Please park in the small lot on the south side of the store. We should be there by 10:30am

When: Sunday October 29th meet at 9:30, hit the road at 10:00 (1st day of Standard time)
Things to bring: Comfortable clothes for the weather, toll money or an I-pass, an FRS radio (optional, to assist with travel communication), a full tank of gas, a camera, and a smile!!
We will enjoy Sunday Brunch at Starved Rock Lodge. Hope for a nice warm day to enjoy a walk or hike at the Rock.

This will be a most-of-the-day event.

Extra bonus: we are going to have a few raffle type goodies to give away from Knauz MINI !!!
Check out information from the 2005 event here and here, and the 2004 event here

71 thoughts on “Return to the Rock 10/29

  1. Yes Adam, you must be VERY careful, the Sugar Grove Police are tough. Just like all the towns on route 47.

    I am there! The Sugar Grove start is only minutes from my house,

  2. Conard and I are test driving the “NEW” route this Wed, 10-4, will make needed changes and be sure you all have a “wheel-turning-good-time”.

    Bring your I-Pass too.

  3. The test run is done, and WOW, this is a great drive, an eye full and hand full. See You all on the 29th, and be sure to check back no later then the 27th for updates.

  4. Something to do at the Rock after lunch; October 28th and 29th
    2:00p.m. – 4:00p.m. All About Ghost Trolley Tour
    You will be greeted by a black-robed host before your roll through the ghostly past and present of the Starved Rock Area. Reserved seats are required, for tickets and information call 1-800-868-7625 ext. 386. Troy Taylor, author will offer a book signing afterwards. Adults $20.00.

  5. Costumes not required. We’re set up for brunch/lunch at about 1:00pm in the main dining room. Dustin and I are heading out again Wednesday the 18th to finalize the route and the arrangements.

  6. Costumes not required

    I guess everyone will be spared my “Anorexic Sumo Wrestler” costume.
    Good thing, as it would be a bit too chilly without the heated seats anyways 馃槈

  7. The only community that you’ll really have to worry about is Suger Grove. The rest of the neighborhoods only have less than half a squad together on a Sunday. Even less in the roads on a Sunday morning…. Trust me.. Use to travel out to Starved Rock about 1 time every 5 weeks or so. I use to drive a BRIGHT RED camaro… My hb/w MCS seems incogneto!!!!

  8. I should be there with the family. This should be a good one!!! I would really hate to miss it this time.

  9. After 1.75 test drives, the team work of Steve, Taylor, Conrad and I, we have a great route for you all to enjoy. Trust me you will be starved for lunch after this workout of a drive.

  10. We can’t motor to SR with you, but we plan on stopping by on our way home from Iowa. Looking forward to It!!

  11. Hello Open MINI 6, would be great if you want to stop by, we should be there by 12:30-1pm for lunch. If you want to send me an email at I can send you the route details. The Rock is always a nice detour off of 80.

  12. I’ve never been to a CMC event, but plan on tagging along to see what it’s like. If anyone’s keeping count, add 2.


  13. Just wondering what time you guys going to meet in the second point? b/c I may need to meet you guys up there


    Sunday weather, the best we could ever hope for,
    SUNNY and 50’s.

    We will have 35 MINI’s by the time we get to the ROCK.

    Patrick to Sugar Grove will be two packs of MINI’s.
    One with I-Pass and 2nd w/o I-Pass, Conrad will lead 2nd group out 1st. Then the I-pass group will follow, this should get us all to SG together.

    No I-Pass, please have a few dollars in COIN.

    Dustin has Taylors cam setup and will be last out of Patrick, with the goal of getting everyone on cam in one long line on my way to the front.

    Once we get to SG, please make the restroom your 1st goal. Then coffee.

    I’ll be taking a head count at SG for lunch, calling the ROCK so they are setup for us.

    From Sugar Grove, there will be two NEW groups.
    Type A drivers, like Conrad, myself, and YOU?
    Type A will lead out 1st.
    Type B drivers, with Steve leading 2nd.

    The 2nd rest stop is an outdoor go-kart track, if you like it, we could plan an event there next year.

    And Yes, I did get my MINI washed today, even came home and took a brush to the wheels.

    If anyone needs anything last min, feel free to call Dustin at 312-388-4263. It’s going to be a GREAT DAY.

  15. Hi – I’ve not done one of these before but this sounds cool. Yes, I have a Mini.

    Do you have to be a member to join the trip tomorrow?


  16. Jasmine,

    You don’t have to be a paying member of the CMMC. Please come on out and join us for the drive… we’d love to see you and your MINI.

    This drive has been lots of fun the past two years, and should be great this year as well!!

  17. Hey Dennis… are you coming all the way up to Patrick?? I’m assuming your gnome is coming along too???

    We’ll see you all in the morning!!!


  19. Thanks all!! I had a GREAT time.

    My favorite part was merging back onto the expressway after paying the 2nd toll, and joining perfectly with the I-Pass group that left after us.

  20. Lessons from today.

    Hello Gang, What a great day, 52 MINI’s 92 people, full sun and 100 miles of great roads, even the toll was fun, with Don.

    The type A and B groups worked, but the Type A was much larger than I thought it would be. Next time the Type A’s will be in smaller packs of 4-6 cars.

    Many of you liked the outdoor kart track, we will start to work on an 07 event.

    Chris and Lori have a friend with a restaurant near the ROCK, I think next year, we should just drive though the ROCK non-stop, to a local place to eat.

    I welcome your thoughts and ideas for next years drive. Feel free to post them here, or email me at

    Thanks again to all of you for making this a great drive, Dustin and Karen

  21. almost forgot,

    Lori, love the Chicago City Flag, you ROCK!

    I gave my FRS cobra to a gent today, and never found you again, I think you drive an 05/06 MINI dark Blue. You followed me for part of the Lake run last month.
    Please touch base with me, if you are going to the Dec event, you can just bring it then. Thanks Dustin

  22. I had a really great time as well! Well done, Conrad and Dustin! Unfortunately couldn’t take in too much of the sites after eating since I had a long drive back home. Hope everyone and their MINIs made it home OK.

    Thanks again and in case I don’t see some of you beforehand, have a great holiday!!!

    -Tom “The Cheesehead” 馃檪

  23. Thank you to all the people who worked on putting the Starved Rock trip together. This was my 1st road trip and I’m looking forward to many more. I had a blast. I loved it when the Harleys joined in with us.
    Thanks for inviting me.

  24. Lori and I had a great time. It is always so cool to see the mass parking lot full of MINIs. Many thanks to Conrad and Dustin for putting their lives on the line to plan this event! Too bad that MINI road assistance wasn’t of much assistance. I am glad that you are both unharmed and I feel real bad for Patrick’s loaner. Would be glad to help out next year coordinating lunch at Duffy’s in Utica!

  25. Great event and nice to see many new faces. A big thanks to Dustin and Conrad for the route.

    Dustin, I have your unit and will bring it in December. The last time I saw you, you were filming at “The Corner”.

    Happy Halloween Everyone!

  26. Hello folks,

    I was cruising through Ottawa in my Red “06” Vette (license plate..”FNQUIK 2″) when I noticed the convoy of Mini’s and let me tell you…seeing all those mini’s cruising together was kick azz and quite a sight see. FN Awesome!!!


  27. Small world eh? Glad you liked the plates.

    I was hoping to cruise over to Starved Rock with your group, but I had other commitments to tend too.

    Hope everyone had a great time on the cruise.


  28. Hey everyone!! The Rock Run was great! So glad I didn’t miss it this year!!! Good to see so many familiar faces and I noticed quite a few new ones! 50+ MINIs!!! so cool!

    Good to finally meet Brad/Kate with their new BRG!!! Welcome to Dan/Jim on their first MINI event!

    Thanks again to Dustin/Conrad for planning the routes, to Kevin & Patrick MINI for opening the doors to us (GP baby!!!)

    Too bad we weren’t able to get everyone together afterwards to get a group shot… would’ve been cool.

    I hope you enjoy my pics!!! catch you on the roads or NAM or both!!!

  29. That Liam is one rock’n gnome!
    Last week was great! Can’t wait for an excuse to cruise again! Thanks Conrad, Dustin and Steve. Have to admit seeing Steve’s crew fall in at the last toll was cherry!

  30. This was my first run and it was pretty effen cool.
    I met some cool folks. I didn’t meet all of you but
    thanks Conrad, Dustin and Steve.
    Looking forward to doing it again.


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