2006 Holiday Party December 10th


UPDATE 12/03/2006:  I have sent out directions to all who have responded to the post.

If you didn’t get them, or you would like to attend and have not responded yet, send me an e-mail steve (at) chicagominiclub.com or reply to this post.


Taylor, our Club Vendor Liason, has once again volunteered to host a Holiday get-together at his home in Deerfield.

Here are the details:

When: Sunday December 10th at 1pm

Where: Deerfield, IL (specific address details will be e-mailed in the beginning of December)

Why: Just a chance to kick back and hang out with fellow CMMC members

Who: CMMC members + guest. There will be a limit of about 75 people (for space reasons). Please RSVP to this post.

What: Food, deserts, snacks and soft drinks (BYOB if you choose to partake).

There will be some incredible raffle prizes from Knauz MINI, and others.

There is a strong possibility of a new version of the MINI Cake

  • Dustin

    Karen and I will be there, Taylor if you need help with anything, just let us know.

  • I’m in.

  • I had a great time last year, and looking forward to this year as well!!

  • Doh! This is the exact day and time of the Milwaukee holiday party…. I’m going to have to pass, but thanks for the invite!

  • Marco

    Last year was indeed lots of fun, count me in again. 🙂

  • Adam

    Count me in, plus one.

  • cathy

    Gary and I will plan on being there! Had a great time last year!!

  • Paul L

    I’m in and a thanks to Taylor for hosting.

  • Francis (MiniMac2005)

    Put me down for 1 plus guest.

  • Jim

    I join the others who said what a good time it was last year and plan on returning. Taylor has an excellent place for such a get together.


  • Chris

    Lori and I will be there. Thanks for the invite!

  • Barbara and I will be there! We missed last years party 🙁

  • Taylor

    Thanks for the nice comments everyone. We will have LOTS of items to raffle this year and we’re looking forward to it!

  • john & tommy

    barring any conflicts, we will make be there.

  • Mark

    Jami and I would love to attend. Please save 2 spots for us.

  • Arnie

    Hi Taylor, Super nice of you to do…
    I will be flying solo and would love to attend.
    Lena will be in Sweden w/ the fam…

  • Count me in Taylor!

  • Ken

    Count Ken and Anita in for 2.5.

  • Lori

    I’ll be there!

  • Matt

    I just bought my MCS in September and I look forward to meeting everyone. Im in.

  • Bennett

    My wife and I will attend, we are looking forward to it!

  • Drew (Motor On)

    I’ll be there!!!:)

  • Kacey and I will be there, and, maybe Carol will come too.

  • Richard

    Count me in with a guest.

  • Jenny

    I’ll be there, plus one

  • Dave Z

    I plan on being there.

  • John Morin

    Hi I am not in the chicago motoring club. I was in the SOCAL MINI Maniacs when I lived in San Diego. But then I was sent to Iraq and havent been in the the states much since then. If it is alright I would like to attend this event. I would also love to join up. The only problem is that my MINI and I are Homeland bound in a couple of weeks. I got a job in germany and will be heading there for a couple of years. Let me know if there is still room. Thanks.


  • Come on out John.. I have sent you the directions.

    My car is washed and ready (although it will probably be a mess again by tomorrow)

  • Dustin
  • Matt

    Sorry I wasn’t able to make it. I have been fighting a bad case of food posioning and I have been in bed all weekend. Hope everyone has a great holiday season!

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