Spring Forward Drive 03/11

WRAPUP: After an early morning meetup with about 40 cars, we took off in groups of six to head out on some northerly fun roads. There were a couple of icy suprises along the way to get our heart rates up, but it was mostly a casual ride.Jelly Belly MINI

We took over the parking lot at the Jelly Belly factory, and were joined by an additional 20 cars from the Milwaukee club. After a factory tour, some hanging out and a group photo, we headed out on the second leg of the trip. A twisty low speed drive along the lakeshore allowed us to take in the sights and show off to the local residents.

We had a lunch in downtown Kenosha, with raffles prizes from Knauz MINI and Mike & Linda from Fabric Fusion (in Brown Deer Wi).

Overall a great drive, great weather, and great MINI friends. A perfect way to start off the driving season!! Huge thanks to Dustin for all the planning and organizing.

If anyone has links to event photos, send the link to me and I will add them here.

Photos by: Francis | Mark | Anthony | Dan | Cecilia part1 part2 part3 |
Video by: Jenny and Jarrod

UPDATE: There will be coffee and donuts at the start for the bleary eyed and sugar deprived..

We have secured the mid drive FREE “train” tour.. bring the kids!!

Lunch with seating for 75 people and FREE parking for all our MINI’s in the same lot. Sorry lunch is not free.

The Spring Kick Off Drive of 2007 is March 11th, the 1st Day of daylight saving time.

WHERE: Knauz MINI located at 409N Skokie Hwy (Route 41), Lake Bluff, Il

WHEN: Sunday March 11th (remember the time change)

Meet at 8:30am

8:45am drivers meeting

9:00am Motor Out on the 1st leg of our 2 leg route.

WHAT to Bring: A full tank of gas, a camera, an FRS radio (optional if you would like to listen in, and help with traffic and directions. We use Channel #1, Subchannel #1), your favorite MINI Clothing, and a smile!!

This will be a nice mellow drive. We will try a new system of leaving in 6 packs, for fun and safety

We have a large room booked for lunch on a harbor in Southeast Wisconsin (Kenosha).

Please RSVP below to help us plan for the drive and lunch.

Here is some info on some of our past Spring drives.. 2003 2004 2005 2006

  • Meeting in Lake Bluff – driving to where approximately? It says Wisconsin, but how far North? What are the 2 legs per se?


  • Dustin

    The drive ends with lunch in Kenosha WI, 30 total route miles.

  • I am in for sure.. Don’t know about the rest of the family yet.

  • Donna

    I’m a definate maybe πŸ™‚

  • Ted

    Sure hope it won’t snow this year. Is it a bit early for this?

  • Marco

    im a maybe also

  • Sure hope it won’t snow this year. Is it a bit early for this?

    The 2003 event with the unexpected lake effect storm was probably the most memorable drive that I have ever been on. The photo stop on the lake was surreal.

    This years drive is scheduled a week later than that one, but things can go white even into late April..

    We will run no matter the weather..

  • I am a strong probably. Double checking with the wife to make sure nothing is going on that day. Will confirm for sure when I know.

  • Chris

    Lori and I are definitely in!

  • Dustin

    Karen and I are in too.

  • Pat K

    Count me in- one driver and one navi-guesser.

  • Jim & ???

  • I’m in, maybe a friend

  • Greg

    I’ll be there!

  • The Seeker

    Probably strong maybe !

  • Ellen

    Count me in and maybe John

  • john & tommy

    We’ll be there, aloha. I know who I want in my 6 pack, so no more “stong maybes”

  • Cliff

    Count me in !

  • Lori

    Oh my, it’s the same day as the South Side Irish parade…doh…I’m in depending on the weather πŸ™‚

  • Jan Strizek

    I’m in… plus a friend!

  • Marco

    do we know what time approximately the drive will end?

  • Dustin

    We are planning on being done with driving by NOONish, then eat, staying for lunch is your call.

  • Marco

    ok, thanks

  • Terri

    I would love to join for the event. i’m coming from Central IL, so weather will be a factor. If all is good please plan for another single.

  • Hey…what’s my car doing on there! πŸ™‚

  • Cecilia

    Can’t wait till the 11th. Please count me and my husband in.

  • Roxana Taylor

    It is a go for Me, Husband and Heime the Gnome.
    Thanks Roxana.
    Looking forward to meeting everyone!!!

  • It is a go for Me, Husband and Heime the Gnome.

    I hope your gnome plays nice with the “other” gnome…

    liam the gnome

  • Dustin

    Bring the Gnome’, the kids, dogs, and if coming solo look for thumbs to share the love with. LOL

  • Francis (MiniMac2005)

    Put me down for ME + 2… although that might change…

  • Adam

    I might be there for half the drive…i have to be somewhere at 12 so we will see.

  • Dustin

    Hello Adam, it should work well for you to be apart of the 1st leg and still make your noon appt.

  • Mr RCH

    Hey everybody! I got my back. Count me in!

  • Dustin

    Mr. Rich, be sure to see me then, I have something for you.

  • I will be there. Working on getting kids to join me (for the 1st time).

  • Jim

    I’ll be there! Only 30 miles for the Spring Drive this year?

    And as Steve said the 03 drive with the sudden blizzard was amazing. My stock performance tires really had issues with that, but no incidents. With the KDW’s now on the car if it’s snowing the 323 touring might have to be my fake MINI this time.


  • I’m in.

  • I’ll be there, hopefully it will stop sleeting, snowing, blowing and raining by then.

    When does this Lamb thing officially start kicking in?

  • Francis (MiniMac2005)

    Mr RCH – Hey everybody! I got my back. Count me in!

    Ohhh!!! Is she good as new??? can’t wait to see her again! Luv that purple haze!!!

  • Bruce

    Our MINI’s are ich’n to hit the roads with their chums!! (Sir Mini Gherkin has even been seen peeking out under the garage door for an opportunity to stretch:^) If it snows, do we get to practice drifting?!!
    (Whoo hoo! Good news Mr Rich! Looking forward to purple on the road too!!)

  • Dustin

    I’ll let Steve address the drifting issues.

    There are many good turns to be had next Sunday.

  • The 11th should indeed work for me. At this point, I’m solo – the wife is not a big fan of the twisties we take, without motion sickness meds – but I will see if a friend will be able to make it. The more twisties the better in my mind though! πŸ™‚

    Any idea how much time (not sure of Sunday morning traffic up North) to allow to head up to Knauz from Wicker Park? I assume 35 – 45 minutes?

  • Dustin

    GSK, this should be a safe drive for your wife, I know Karen really enjoyed the drive on the 1st test run for the views. This is not a high speed drive, just a nice mellow drive in the country. πŸ˜‰

  • Any idea how much time (not sure of Sunday morning traffic up North) to allow to head up to Knauz from Wicker Park? I assume 35 – 45 minutes?

    That is probably about right. There will be very little traffic in the morning, but watch out for police, especially at lake street, just before park avenue, and a little bit north of rt. 60.

  • Traffic should be very light on a Sunday morning. It’s a 45-minute drive for me from Lincoln Park, so I assume it’s roughly the same from Wicker Park if not better given your proximity to the Kennedy.

  • MINI Mark

    Count me in!!

  • dennis & Liam

    won’t be able to make it… i’m working that day. =(

    maybe Liam will take the MINI.. he’dlike to meet Heime.

    (vid fr. the auto show drive):

  • Jonathan

    I have just recently joined. This will be my first CMMC event. Can’t wait!

  • jeeves

    National Weather predicts possible snow showers 10% for Kenosha on Sunday, high 38, simular to the forecast predicted for our previous Kenosha Spring drive. Awesome photos and scenery that day. Guess I’ll ride along this time too…

  • Dustin

    ALL The local news shows are saying SUNNY AND 45 on NEXT SUNDAY and weather.com. If you pray, pray for Sunshine, if you don’t just cross your fingers LOL!
    Plus 10% is the CYA for Nat. Weather, 10% LOL!

  • Terri

    Weather looks GOOD!!! can’t wait, did i hear twisties…..yummy πŸ˜‰

  • Dustin

    Donuts!! great now I don’t have to buy Karen breakfast at McD’s. LOL πŸ˜‰

    Looks like a great day for a drive. FREE Donuts!

  • Frank

    I’d love to go but Im not a member yet, do i have to be a member to attend?

  • do I have to be a member to attend?

    You don’t have to be a member Frank, come on out and see what we are all about. Nothing beats a pile of 30+ MINIs cruising around πŸ™‚

  • Frank

    sweet, im sure ill make it out there, looking forward to sunday!

  • Matt

    I can’t wait for my first drive! See everyone Sunday.

  • Jenny

    I will definitely be there with bells on!!

  • Dustin

    How could anyone miss this event?

    New People, New MINI’S, 50 and SUNNY.

    Get that winter dust off the MINI and come out to enjoy a great day of food, fun and miles of smiles.

  • blake

    I guess I will have to wash my car. πŸ˜‰

  • Well, as long as there is room for a truck and trailer at Knauz, I’ll bring the MINI out of storage for a get-together. She’s gonna need a little opening up after being stored for some cold day – seems like eternity to me!!

  • Dustin

    BRING IT, lots of room to park a rig for your MINI.

  • Josh

    I’ll be there with my wife, both kids, and my CMMC dues!

  • This will be only the second CMMC event she’s been too, but if it’s anything like the starved rock path we took, i’m lovin it!!!

  • blake

    Rich, truck and trailer… why? Where are you driving from? My car was not out too much in the winter, but the fun of a mini drive is driving the mini! πŸ™‚

  • Dustin

    50 and SUNNY, Sunday is going to be great, as of now we have 38 MINI’s and 50 plus guests. If you have not signed up yet, please do so we can plan to meet all your coffee and donut needs.

  • Hey Blake, The MINI is coming from near Indianapolis, And I have no alternative to going to get the MINI except for Saturday night, around midnight!!!! So, That’s the reason for the truck and trailer…. Including the posibility that I may take it straight back to Indiana later on sunday, and I hate to bother others for my obsession about this car!!!!!

  • Dustin

    Hey Blake, sounds like a road trip to me, you could Motor Rich to Indy and motor back together. πŸ™‚

  • Dustin, Sounds like a good idea, but my timing to go get the car seems to be changing about every hour!!! That would be a great ride back [especially down I-65!!!].

  • Terri

    weather is gonna be great. count on me and my Indy Blue MINI from Peoria area.

  • blake


    I was just goofing with you. My car has had like 500 miles or so since november.

  • Dustin

    Hey Terri, I was just in Peoria Friday for IHSA, and then went to Madison WI via Rockford, home today to wash my baby for Sunday.

    Chicagoland MINI’s, take note, MINI’s are coming in from hours away, I hope you can make the less than hour drive to show your CMMC pride.

    Weather is going to be great, FREE coffee and donuts.

  • Terri

    Dustin yeah it’s IHSA crazy around here. No MINI’s around here to run with, or at least they don’t apprieciate motoring. sure don’t mind the drive up, looking forward to meeting folks. My MINI’s starving for MINI buddies to motor with…..

  • scott

    Add in one more mini (and driver). I may have a navigator as well but will not be able to confirm that till later today. We will not need any coffee or donuts (gotta have my caffeine long before then)See everyone in the morning.

  • Dustin

    Terri, I found 4 MINI’a there on Friday, some could have been from out of town like me. Did I see you about 5pm on 74 going into Peoria?

  • Warren

    Add one more mini and driver for the spring drive. My wife will join us for Lunch when we get to Kenosha.

  • Blake:

    I know your kidding. It’s cool. I’ll see you up at Knauz on Sunday Morning!

  • Mike

    If not too late, my son and I would like to join in. Can we play, too??

  • Can we play, too??

    I think we are still good.. We are going to have quite a crowd tomorrow!!!

  • Dustin

    Yes we are going to have a great group, it’s not too late. Our lunch room seats 75, if we have more we will spill over into the over part of the restaurant.

    I ran into a MINI getting a bath when I went to wash mine today.

  • Tsukiji

    Looks like a great day to motor, I’m seriously gonna try to make it.

  • Dustin

    I see that NBC 5 is running The Italian Job tonight at 7pm, what great timing.

  • Cecilia

    I’m coming and I can’t wait! But My hubby can’t make it. If anybody has an extra passenger, I can certainly use a navigator.

  • Bruce

    Hey Steve! Do you think we can get someone to take another “family photo” like Francis took before our last memorable Sheridan Rd run?!!! :^)

  • Francis (MiniMac2005)

    I’ve got my camera again and was planning on doing it for us. I’ll be there early so look pretty!!!

  • Dustin

    It’s 720am, if you need to call someone, feel free to call Dustin 312-388-4263

  • Hope I can find an open car wash prior to arrival. Got my wife to join too.

  • Thanks everyone!! I had a great time today. Nice to see lots of new people as well as a bunch of I-haven’t-been-on-a drive-in-a-long-time people.

    Looking forward to the next event.

  • Chris

    Lori and I had a great time! Special thanks to Dustin for planning and coordinating with the Milwaukee MINI’s! Great way to meet up!

  • john & tommy

    Lots of fun. Thanks.

  • Mr RCH

    Thanks to all who were involved in planning this event. It was a great experience as always. All of those Mini’s in the same place!!!! Great!!!

  • Lori

    It sounds like you all had a great time, the weather could not have been any better! Sorry I missed you guys, but you will be happy to know that Minis were on my mind. There was even one Mini driving in the South Side Irish Parade this morning! I would have taken a picture, but I didn’t want to spill my drink πŸ™‚ I can’t wait for the next event. See you all soon!

  • Rose

    WHAT A GREAT DAY! Thanks Dustin, Steve and CMMC. Just what MINI and I needed.

  • Frank

    What a great event….thanks CMMC and Dustin for all the planning, great work!
    Looking forward to becoming part of the club and doing many more drives!

  • Roxana Taylor

    Thanks to all who were involved in planning this event? It was an awesome experience. It was nice to see all the Mini’s in the same place and driving together!!!! Great Job to everyone who arranged and planned this drive!!! Thanks Roxy and Dusty

  • Rob

    I was the one that Dustin ran into at the car wash. The roof graphic looks great.

    It sounds like I missed a great ride. Great weather for some top down motoring. I ran some errands about 11:30 and headed towards Kenosha on the off chance I would run into you guys, even drove by the JellyBelly factory. But I missed you.

    Hopefully I can make the next one.

  • Dustin

    HEy Rob, sorry you missed us. I think in the future we should post the route for downloading, for just this case, had you known where we were, you could have joined us for lunch. Lesson learned. See next time and around RLB.

  • Terri

    Suday was a GREAT drive! A big thanks to Dustin and all involved. Coming from out of town and my first ride with the group, you all made me feel very welcome. I’m sending my dues.

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  • Bruce

    Nice to meet you too, Terri! Hope you will join in for more CMMC fun!
    Kudos for all the planning, Dustin and all!!! Great fun and turn out!! Also MINI thanks to Fabric Fusion for the pillowcase and it’s inspiring.. cough.. sweet dreams%^)