Hammer & Coop Chicago Event

Hammer and Coop

WRAPUP: MINIUSA and Patrick MINI were on hand for the private screening of the first 3 episodes of Hammer & Coop as well as a chance to get up close and personal with a new 2007 MINI Cooper S done up in the lightning bolt graphics.

We were treated to popcorn and drinks, as well as a screening of Breach. It is really impressive to have a car company go out of their way to keep their customers involved and interested. Huge thanks!!!

Hammer & Coop

Patrick MINI will be sponsoring a screening of Hammer & Coop along with the film Breach on Tuesday February 20th at the Yorktown 17 Cinema.

The event will begin at 7:30pm so we’re planning on meeting in the parking lot around 7:00pm that night.

We have a total of 50 complementary tickets so a limit of three per club member is preferred.

For a sneak peak of what Hammer & Coop is all about, check out this MotoringFile story.

To RSVP please comment below.

  • I will be there solo..

    Thanks Patrick MINI!!!


  • Dustin

    Ditto, solo for me.

    Cinema is in the far SE corner of the Yorktown shopping center, not in the Mall.

    Thanks again Patrick MINI!

  • gary

    gary and cathy going, not too far from home

  • Barbara and I will be there. Two tickets please.

    Thanks Patrick MINI!!!

  • The Seeker

    Sounds good.

  • David

    Yes, an event my girl friend would like. Put me down for two.

  • Jeff W

    Maria and I are both in, so please put us down for two tickets!

  • Lynn T

    Sounds fun. I would like 2 tickets.

  • Keith

    Quasar and I will be there, two tickets please!
    Thanks Patrick MINI!!!!

  • Paul L.

    It looks like Co-Commander and I will be attending this event. Please put us down for two. Also, a thank you to Patrick for the tickets.

  • We have 17 confirmed spots, and lots more tickets..

    I just got the tickets tonight, and they look really cool. I hope a bunch more people come out to play (even though it is a school night)


    Please put us down for two tickets. Thanks Patrick (& Kevin)!

  • I hope to be there folks – with an R56 for show-n-tell.

  • Keith

    Steve> Unfortunately something just came up, and I don’t think I can make it this time. Thanks!

  • I am unable to make it Steve. Sorry to miss it. Taylor

  • Dustin

    I just followed the link to the “Action Name Generator” and you can call me

    “Decker Exploder”

  • michael p

    put me down for (2). thanks

  • blake

    please put me down for 3 tix.

  • Bruce

    We weren’t able to make it, but we hope you will give us reviews!!:^)

  • I’ll go. two tix please.

  • Luis Perez


    If tickets are still available, I would like one.

  • Yes, there are still tickets.

    Thanks for posting and I will see you later tonight!!

  • Blake

    Can I add one more ticket? Making 4 total.


  • We still have plenty of extra tickets, so the more the merrier!!

  • Marco

    me and adam should make it there. see ya then.

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