July 4th Parade

UPDATE 05/29/2007

This years July 4th Parade will be held in Downtown Skokie.  Time and location information will be updated shortly.

Last year, a number of us hooked up with the Milwaukee MINIs and participated in a July 4th Parade. This year, the Wisconsin area parade organizers have imposed a limit on the number of cars each group can have, that is much to low for the normal MINI turnouts of our clubs.

  • Marco

    I am in for a local parade

  • cool! that would be fun!

  • Adam

    i’m also in for a local parade…i should be able to drive by then…as long as i dont fall down anymore stairs…

  • Mr RCH

    I am in for a local parade.

  • Francis (MiniMac2005)

    Hey guys! Are there any plans yet for a parade?? I’ve seen the parade for MG before. It’s usually on Dempster and it’s not very long (west of 94 ending before Ferris)

    I have a CMMC banner that can be used if you guys are in a parade.

  • Hey guys! Are there any plans yet for a parade??

    I am waiting for confirmation. but it will probably be Skokie..

    Morton Grove is an option, but they wanted proof of insurance for all drivers ahead of time (which is difficult).

    I hope to get more details posted soon!!!

  • I can do Skokie too.

  • bennettskis

    Just think if the British had won the war, we’ld driving domestic cars!

    Sounds like fun and I get back from New Zealand on the June 30th, just let me know when and where.

    Yellow/Black 06 MCS

  • Roxana

    Sounds like a great day to have a southern mini go north for a parade. Count me and Heime in, Thanks Roxana

  • Count me and Heime in

    Gnomes love parades!!

    I will have the specific meetup time and location in about a week.

  • Keith

    I am very interested in, but could you tell me when and where please?

  • Francis (MiniMac2005)

    Count me in for this one. I should be there.