2007 MINI Club Elections

The CMMC Needs You! We’ve got a couple positions open for 2007 and we’d like to invite interested club members to consider running. The two open positions are:

  • Board Member at Large
  • Board Member at Large

Both of these positions will entail working with vendors, helping with events and generally lending a hand with day to day and week to week with running of the club. We’re happy to tailor the exact responsibilities of each position to what interests the person(s) who end up filling them.

To become a candidate, please email our president Steve Rosenblum at steve@chicagominiclub.com.

In other board news, our founding President Gabe Bridger has stepped down and will take over the Vice President role for the remainder of his tenure. Long time VP Steve Rosenblum has filled the position as President for the remainder of his term.

In 2008 we will be putting up the remaining four board positions for election including President and Vice President.

Candidates have until May 30th to announce that they’re running for one of the “Board Member at large” positions. Voting starts on June 1st (06/01/07) and will run for eight days (until 06/08/07).

You need to be a current member to either run or vote.

7 thoughts on “2007 MINI Club Elections

  1. I would like to run, drive, for one of the new BMAL.

    I think the Club is at a cross roads and ready for a new set of tires to take CMMC into a higher gear.

    I want to be apart of the new team.

    A few of my goals are to have our events with dates set 6-9 months out and posted. Write guide lines for driving events. Work with MINI Dealers to grow our Club with new MINI’s rolling off Dealer lots. Get more MINI’s to Driver and Car Control Clinics.

    Two more words, Track Time!

    I Thank You for your vote.

  2. Hey, I would also like to throw my hat in the ring too. I mean I have been at large before but the circumstances were a bit different 馃檪

    Much like Dustin I think that some new blood on the board could be a good thing to be able to lead the club down the road into the future.

    Just remember, a vote for Blake is a vote for Blake 馃檪



  3. i like dustins platform…seat time…youve got my vote dustin.

    I would run but im not responsible enough for a position like this, even if it is just for fun.

  4. Love the enthusiasm! Make sure to send a note to Steve and we’ll get this ball rolling.

    And that goes for anyone else out there!

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