CMMC Board Member Candidates

UPDATE 06/04: With 4 days to go, the top 3 candidates are currently all within 1 vote of each other, and the other 2 are not very far behind.

Your vote is important!!

Here are the five candidates for the two open CMMC Board Member at Large postions to replace outgoing members Taylor and Victoria.

All have been CMMC members for close to a year or more, participate regularly at events, and most contribute to our club forum area

Club members can vote for 2 people by sending an email to
Voting will continue until June 8th, and the board members will be announced a few days later.

Check out information listed below in alphabetical order:

Jim Cowen

I own a Mini Cooper Convertible and Lotus Europa (in dry dock). I am past
Director-at-Large with Lotus Ltd., and, was Chairman of the 1993 Lotus
Owners Gathering. I have also been Director-at-Large for Lotus Corps in the

I am currently president of the TAWPI Great Lakes Chapter which covers 6
states and Ontario. I have been Director and Treasurer at TAWPI National.

I am founder and CEO of Aqubanc, LLC. We specialize in non-profit
operations and donation processing. Our clients are primarily homeless
shelters, hospital foundations, and religious organizations in the US and

Dustin Etheredge

Dustin Etheredge brings 18 years of Leadership, sales, and marketing experience in business, and not-for-profit organizations. He is also an Advanced Communicator Bronze with Toastmasters and President of his current club. He became a gear head at 15 and never looked back. Cutting his teeth on Porsche, VW and Classic Mini’s to name a few. With more track time then street time before getting his drivers license. His passion for Motoring is higher then most.
You can read Dustin’s campaign statement on the club site. or here:

I think the Club is at a cross roads and ready for a new set of tires to take CMMC into a higher gear.

I want to be apart of the new team.

A few of my goals are to have our events with dates set 6-9 months out and posted. Write guide lines for driving events. Work with MINI Dealers to grow our Club with new MINI’s rolling off Dealer lots. Get more MINI’s to Driver and Car Control Clinics.

Two more words, Track Time!

I Thank You for your vote.

Paul Lark

Paul Lark – 43
Reside in Oswego, IL
Married, 2 Children (14 & 11)
President, IGC, Inc.
PhD in Managerial and Organizational Behavior – University of Chicago
MINI owner from May 2006

I feel my professional and educational background will help contribute to
the overall Clubs organization.

I believe CMMC is at a crossroad in the direction it wants to take. This
being a smaller, yet casual club geared more towards the enthusiast (Track
time, performance mods) or a more formal structured club gear towards the
average MINI owner who might be wanting to learn more (Basic repairs,
vehicle detailing, improved driving skills).

With MINI having such diverse demographics, one important element of
leadership is to seek out feedback from current members to potential members
(this would be accomplished with the dealers) to help create a strategic
vision for the club.

This would be one of my top responsibilities if elected.

Francis Macasieb (MiniMac2005)

Member since 02/06. Currently own a ’05 BRG/G MCC and I currently live in Glenview. I attended my first CMMC event on OCT 2005 and I’ve been hooked ever since.

I’ve been an active member by attending as many events as possible and helping out wherever possible. You can see many of my pics posted on the CMMC site. I’m definitely a MINI enthusiast and enjoy meeting MINI folks. I actively participate in the MINI community by posting regularly on NAM and occasionally on the MotoringFun chat room. I’m also a member of the ‘Sota MINIs club. I even post a comment occasionally on MotoringFile.. just because.

I’ve been involved with the American Heart Walk since 2000. In that span, I’ve walked, raised money, lead a Team and recently was a Division Chairperson at work. I’ve achieved the status of “Grand Club” for the last 4 years by raising $1000 or more. The enthusiasm I bring to this event every year, I can bring to CMMC as a BMaL by bringing this same level of enthusiasm I have for the MINI, the MINI community and to our MINI club. Thank you.

Blake Mayerle

Blake has hosted a club Mod Party and regularly participates in club events. He also designs and installs vinyl graphics and more.

Statement information can be found here :

Hey, I would also like to throw my hat in the ring too. I mean I have been at large before but the circumstances were a bit different :)

Much like Dustin I think that some new blood on the board could be a good thing to be able to lead the club down the road into the future.

Just remember, a vote for Blake is a vote for Blake :)