Galena Drive Reminder


Here is a writeup of the Galena drive from Dustin:

Saturday started out great with 11 MINIs, great roads out to Galena area, we picked up one Iowa MINI along the way and found 3 at Chestnut Resort.

After a nice lunch and passing out the Event Stickers, designed by Paul R., most of us hit the Alpine Slide (something Dustin should have skipped LOL), great fun was had by all.

A few of us hit Irish Hollow Rd and headed to the Tower for the group photo.

At the Tower we had a dozen or more MINI’s. A few groups went to dinner together and enjoyed Galena for the night.

We had a MINI from Bloomington, Peoria, a few from Iowa and the rest of us from Chicagoland.

Sunday found some of us downtown Galena for shopping and lunch. At 1pm we had a dozen MINI’s for the Sunday routes.

Fun roads, light traffic and great weather.

We passed by a cow that had found her way across the fence, only to cross over the next hill and find a herd of goats breaking free across the road to “greener pastures”.

On the leg back to Rockford we found a big bald Eagle in flight.

A great event, great friends, and YES we are working on next years event and will post dates below ASAP.

Photos by: Rob & Lisa | More Rob & Lisa | Bruce & Becky |
Big thanks to Todd at for getting the stickers created on such short notice!!

9-23-07 UPDATE
Three Important updates, Call the B&B’s this week and ASK for one night deals. We will have the Sunday Route Sheets for anyone that wants to drive them on Sat. On Sun we will have 5 group escort’s, drivers of different style’s that have driven the routes, yes you will have a route map. We think this will help you enjoy the area more with less reading, just follow the MINI in front of you. We found that this worked well in past events.

Looks like nice weather too.

There is still time to join up to the Galena drive on September 29th and 30th.

Come on out for Saturday or Sunday or both. Lots of fun roads and stuff to do..

All the details can be found HERE.

Please post up and let us know if you are attending.

15 thoughts on “Galena Drive Reminder

  1. Whoo hoo!!! Just got a room at Grant Hills!!! Looking forward to the MINI convergence and awesome roads! If anyone is on the fence, go!! The area around Gelena is fun fun driving, and historic Gelena holds all sorts of opportunities!
    We’ll have 2 car fulls, Paul:^) Can’t wait to see everyone!!

  2. I plan to coming up on Sunday with Austin. I’ll also be heading up early and driving the Saturday route before the meetup.

    Looking forward to it.

  3. We had a great time.

    Guys, thanks for letting us come along on the trip. Its flattering, and we had a wonderful time.

    I’d like to throw my hand into helping plan next year if you guys need any extra manpower. 馃檪

  4. Mmmmm, Blanding Landing Road…..


    Dustin, if you guys ever get a trackday set up, it’s ON…. 馃檪

  5. Hey Rob, great pics, thanks for coming over and I trust you enjoyed Galena, we missed you on Sunday.

    Matt Who? :);):)

  6. Galena was an absolute blast!!!! Thanks for putting the routes together Dustin and Matt, and escorting. I can’t make this Auto X, but am interested, please let me know when your doing it again.


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  8. well Cubs Fans, looks like I should have hit one of the goats of last Sunday for the Cubs. Theres always next year, for the Cubs too. Go Bears!

  9. Hey B&B great pics, well done.

    NOTE TO READERS, the routes did not have gravel roads planned. The Dust Bowl pics are from the “oops we missed the turn” detour taken by B&B and a few others. LOL 馃檪

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