Weekend events 10/20 and 10/21

If you interested in doing a bit of motoring next weekend, check out these two non-club events:

Sheridan Road drive (10/20):

Just a casual Saturday morning drive up Sheridan Road starting in Evanston, and ending at Knauz MINI in Lake Bluff.

Check out all the details here !!

Photos by Dave Here and Here

IllinoisEuro Charity Rally and Scavenger Hunt (10/21):

This is an event that starts at Busse Woods and ends with an optional lunch at Pompeii in Schaumburg.

Drive Details:

It is about a 2 hour drive (without getting lost) covering about 100 miles of roads in Northern Illinois.You will be given a list of “directions” the day of the drive-some are clear some you’ll need to pay attention to. You will also get a list of clues and things to look for. A digital camera or camera phone will help with some things but isn’t necessary to participate.

There are 2 prizes for first and second place, the winners will be decided by total point count. Ties will be broken by a coin flip. First place gets a navigation device that will work in any car. Second place is yet to be determined but will be announced here. (2 person non-related teams will have to fight over the prizes themselves Grin )

Points are awarded for:
Completing the route close to the time we drove it in.
Completing the route close to the mileage we drove it in.
Points for the individual clues and look for items on the sheet.

A navigator/spotter is highly suggested post up if you need one or want to be one.

There IS an entry fee of $10 in the form of a check made out to the Northern Illinois Food Bank. If you don’t have a check bring cash. We will have donation forms the day of the event.

The donation is NOT mandatory to go on the drive. However, it is
required for prize eligibility, plus it makes you a really nice person.
Please email
ericfrancis@comcast.net if you will be able to attend.

Check out the IllinoisEuro website for additional details and start time.

Here is a Checklist of things to bring/remember for the event.

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  1. Looks like the weather will be nice for both events, wish I had more time to run with you. Have Fun Without Me.

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