2007 Starved Rock Drive – 10/28

WRAPUP: 41 MINIs and a handful of others (BMWs, VW, and Ford) headed out to explore the back roads to Starved Rock. Lots of new people were out for their first drive with the club. The much anticipated Finnie Road stretch was unfortunately freshly covered in pea gravel so speeds were down, dust and debris were up. The weather was as good as it gets for this time of year. We were treated to VIP parking at the Grand Bear Resort and a breakfast buffet in a large dining hall. Afterwards, several people went out to explore Starved Rock, while others took off for parts unknown.

Thanks to IllinoisEuro for joining us on this drive, and a big thanks to Dustin for all the organizing and planning of this event!!

Please email me at steve@chicagominiclub.com with links to pictures, and I will add them here

Pictures by Dustin | Francis | MOE4Me | Eric | Dan | Steve | Jeffery |

Starved Rock

CMMC’s 4th annual Run to the Rock will be Oct 28th.

We will meet in the south parking lot of the Jewel in Sugar Grove IL ( 107 East Galena Boulevard) at 10am.
We will drive some new roads this year and some favorites too.
This year we dine in style just west of Starved Rock at Grizzly Jack’s Grand Bear Resort and Amusement Park.
They will have special parking for CMMC along with special seating at the Sunday Brunch for only $14.95 each.

We will need a MINI and head count, please post below ASAP to allow us to plan a great event for all.

BRING THE KIDS. After lunch take them to the INDOOR amusement park for fun and games.

FYI, the water park is only open to overnight guests if you wanted to make it a night of family fun.

What to bring, FULL tank of gas, radios, etc………

Check out information from our past Starved Rock Drives: 2006 2005 2004

  • Dustin

    Karen and I will be there and looking forward to seeing all of you again.

    Can we get to 75 MINI/Mini’s?

    There is no limit on lunch, come one come all.

  • lynda gunther

    I am kind of new to the club. Please count me in.

  • I am in for 1

    I’ll be leaving from Skokie area if people want to join up and head out together. I was planning on tollway but if enough people want we could figure out a longer slower way.

  • Adam

    I am in for probably 2… and steve i’ll join up with ya…tollway or not.

  • I have been looking forward to this one. Count me in for possibly 2. Steve, I’ll tag along on your caravan if that’s ok.

  • Paul

    Just myself this time.

  • Steve, I’ll tag along on your caravan if that’s ok.

    That’s great.. the more the merrier.

    I’ll wait until the last week or so and get everyone the time and location details so we can join up (and not make the farther west people head east to my place)

  • Matt Train

    Can a Ford Focus come play too?

    Susan and I are in, if welcome.

    Otherwise I suppose I can cram into the back seat of Blake’s MINI.

  • Dustin

    I think its fair to say Matt has driven his way into the club, just get busy and buy a MINI.

  • Jan Strizek / Cameron Flint

    Count on the two of us for the Starved Rock Drive.

  • Chris

    Lori and I are in. Looking forward to it!

  • Rich

    I’m in. Hopefully the weather holds out!!

  • cathy

    Gary and I will b there.

  • Evan

    Well I am not a member but I would love to come out and see what the club is all about and meet some people! So count me in! (that is if its ok for a non-member to go)

  • I am not a member but I would love to come out and see what the club is all about

    Hey Evan, please do come out. It will be a great drive. If you like driving, and hanging around people who like MINIs (and Minis) this is the place. Almost all of our events are open to anyone.

  • DanielM

    Newbie here — one MINI and two bodies would like to join you!

  • Evan

    Sounds good to me! Looking forward to this event and meeting everyone!

  • Wepp

    Hey all! I just sent my application in yesterday – looking forward to joining the club. I’m going to try to come to this event, and will be bringing a friend. 🙂

  • The Seeker

    Restless in anticipation. I’m in.

  • Dustin

    “The Seeker” Who? LOL 🙂 Look forward to seeing you again. Great to see so many new guests too.

  • Michael

    I’m in for one, maybe two. For you other Cabrio Cowboys out there, I hope to have my windscreen from BrownFlyer installed by then.

  • Francis (MiniMac2005)

    Michael Oct 6th, 2007 Link

    I’m in for one, maybe two. For you other Cabrio Cowboys out there, I hope to have my windscreen from BrownFlyer installed by then.

    I have the OEM one and would love to see the BrownFlyer one up close.

  • Mr RCH

    Count me in plus one. Steve, I will be following you in your caravan also. Sounds like fun as always. This is one the best club events of the year.

  • Borys

    Count me for one.

  • BtyMini

    Count me in for two people. I’ve been waiting for an open weekend to go to one of these. We haven’t been to one yet. So far, we are free that day. If anything changes I’ll let you guys know! I’m defintiely looking forward to it!

  • Matt

    Ill be there. Count me in for one.

  • Troy

    Count me in!!!

  • Rose

    Steve, would like to tag along, one MINI, and bringing one friend.

  • Dustin

    I will meet anyone that wants to drive together from Lake Cook Rd and Hicks Rd.(Near 53) See You there at 8:45 am in the shopping center. http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&hl=en&geocode=&q=2365+N+Hicks+Rd,+Palatine,+IL&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=30.599615,59.238281&ie=UTF8&ll=42.154241,-88.028834&spn=0.006983,0.014462&z=16&iwloc=addr&om=1

  • Evan

    Dustin, how are you going to be going to get to sugar grove? If you end up taking 88 to orchard or 47 ill most likely meet you guys on 88 when your cruising through naperville, that is if i can make this event.

  • Dustin

    Evan, my group will be coming down 53/355 to 88 west to 56 to the Jewel.

  • I will be there as the start point is minutes from my house.

  • Dustin

    That’s why we start it there, so Blake can’t get lost getting to the event, who’s leading him home this time? 🙂 LOL :)))))

  • Miguel

    Head count for the drive will be three plus one Mini. A great time will be had for all as usual.

  • Rich

    FYI – Dustin….

    If Blake gets lost…. I can lead him to his house. He’ll think he is following his own car!!!!!

  • 🙂

    Yeah, like I am ALWAYS getting lost. If I recall it has happened 1 time in almost 2 years. Not THAT bad!!!

  • Dustin

    Attn; Iowa, Indiana and Southern IL MINI’s if you would like to join CMMC for the 2nd leg of the Run to the Rock please join us at 11am in the parking lot of Concept Haulers Motor Speedway / Jet Karting. http://www.concepthaulersmotorspeedway.com/
    Map Link, http://local.google.com/local?f=q&hl=en&q=3609+E+2603rd+Rd,+Sheridan,+IL+60551&om=1&ie=UTF8&ll=41.763117,-88.269653&spn=1.745469,3.658447&z=8&iwloc=addr

  • Jeff

    Rhiannon and I will be there. She’ll be driving so as to not feed them LEOs no more!

  • So far we have 3 definite tag alongs as well as 4 who claim they will try like heck to make it. Thanks for having us.

  • I was sick of seeing it stalled at 39!

  • Will be there–myself for sure, maybe +1 if I can convince a friend to come along.

  • I’m in for 1 for drive and brunch!

  • Francis (MiniMac2005)

    Hey guys! put me down +1..

    Also, I should have a friend +1 with their MCS as well. The more the merrier!!!

  • Dr. Paul

    Oh boy…Austin’s football league superbowl game is either the 27th or 28th. So all I can say is yes, if the game is the 27th or no, if it’s on the 28th.

  • Roxana

    If I am off nights, I would love to join in on the route as you are coming south. Let me know what the route will be and I will tag along.
    . \!|!/..
    .. ( @ @ )

  • Roxana,

    What city are you near? If you email me I can let you know where to meet up with us. There is one stop on the drive and that may be a good spot. My email is blockh102 at hotmail.com


  • Jim & Tracy

    We’re new to this whole MINI world and not a member of any MINI Club (yet) but this drive sounds fun and we’d like to join you all! We’ll be coming in from Rockford, IL so if we could get all the details we would need to join you for the day…that would be fantastic! Please email us at phunshark@gmail.com

  • Dustin

    Hello Jim and Tracy, All the details you need to enjoy this event are posted at the top of the page. Anything in RED letters is a helpful link. I have also sent an email to you.

  • Jim & Tracy

    THANKS Dustin! Got it. Didn’t know if there was anything more than that. Well, then, consider us there! Put us down for 2 for head count/1 MINI.
    And we look forward to motoring on the 28th.

  • Evan

    Right now things are looking good for this event!! I really need to fix my boost leak though. Hopefully I have it fixed in time.

  • Jay

    I’m in for this drive and the brunch. I do the Starved Rock run with my motorcycle forum and have always wanted to take the MINI out there. Yeah!
    Dustin, I’ll meet you at 53 and Lake Cook. Which parking lot exactly (south east corner of that intersection)? I’ll be coming from the north, Grayslake.

  • Dustin

    Great Jay, there is a shopping center on the corner of that link. I’ll also be coming from RLB/Grayslake, want to meet at Washington and Hainesville gas station @ 815am?

  • Jim Purgatorio

    Wife and I are looking into becoming members. We would like to participate in the Starved Rock drive. Do we need to be members to participate.

  • Do we need to be members to participate.

    Hi Jim,

    You do not need to be a member to join us on the drive.

    Come on out and see what the Chicago MINI Motoring Club is all about and enjoy a fantastic drive!!

  • Dustin

    and join us for lunch too.

  • Blake,

    Are you doing up your MINI for Halloween again?

    I’m working on a little somthing somthing, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to actually pull it off by the weekend (or if it will look too stupid when I’m done).

  • Not sure what I am doing at this point. Still thinking about it.

  • BtyMini

    Dustin- We’re in Lindenhurst, can we meet up with you guys? email me at dwsbooty@gmail.com

  • marco

    Put me down as a maybe for now…im gonna be at a Halloween party on saturday night so it depends on how i feel sunday morning, lol.

  • Dustin

    Motoring Rule #76 stay home & drink on rain weekends,
    Motor on sunny dry weekends. Check the weather and follow the rule. 😉

  • Greg

    I think I will have a full Mini this year so count me in plus 3. I love the Starved Rock drive!


  • Luis

    I will try to make this event 🙂 , unless I have to work 🙁 Body count for my MINI is yet to be determined.

  • pan

    see you guys there this weekend =)

  • Jay

    want to meet at Washington and Hainesville gas station @ 815am?

    Sounds good. I’ll be in a MC IB/W.

  • 4 confirmed from our group (including Pan)
    so 2 Minis an E30 BMW and an R32 with a Z4, Golf and an Audi A4 as possibles.

    See you guys on Sunday.

  • Keith

    I am in for 2 please

  • Keith

    So, we are meeting at Jewel in Sugar Grove instead of Patrick mini?

  • Dustin

    thats right Keith, see ya at the Jewel.

  • Mark

    I’ll be there! Hopefully I can get the MINI washed on Saturday!

  • Anita Elmore & Greg Struve

    Anita Elmore & Greg Struve plan to drive their BMW Z4’s

  • Mark

    Just a quick question: Is the address correct?

    I’m assuming it is, but I got concerned because my GPS won’t route there. I then looked at the satellite view (which may be a couple years old) in google maps and it only shows what looks like a gas station. The Jewel Osco website also doesn’t show a Jewel at that corner…

    Just wanted to be sure.


  • Yes, the sat pictures are not accurate. It is at the corner of Galena and 47.

    The area is growing like wildfire. If you save that sat picture now and then look at it once it is updated it will look like a different city!

  • Is the address correct?

    Yea, that is the place..

    Google maps does not show it, but there is now a Jewel there next to the gas station. It is before the corner intersection, east of the gas station.

  • Robin

    Hey, Saw this drive posted on illinoiseuro.com, you guys mind is some Z3’s and Z4’s join in the fun ?

  • Dr. Paul

    Excellent news, we’re in! So add another MINI to the count.

  • Dustin

    You would think after a year of the store being open they could get the website right, I found the store, but the link is wrong on the Jewel website.

  • Jeremy

    All right! I’m finally in town during an event. See you guys there. My car has been sitting for the past 2 weeks, so hopefully we can do an Italian tune-up on the route.

  • Ivan C

    i will deffinately be there again this year!

  • you guys mind is some Z3’s and Z4’s join in the fun

    Come on out for the drive!!

    This is going to be the first drive (in over 4 years that we have been doing this) that we have had a bunch of non-MINIs..

  • Rose

    Steve, I’ll be picking up a friend in Niles 7600 n milwaukeee ave. need directions to your place from there. Thanks,

  • Dustin

    Thanks to Dustin at Bill Jacobs, I was able to share the event with all of the guests at tonights party and hand out flyer’s too. I hope to see some of you that I meet tonight on Sunday.

  • My MINI’s Halloween costume is all set, although it has not been speed tested yet. I’ll be showing up in disguise if it holds together!!

  • Evan

    things are not looking to good for me. car is still down for the count with a boost leak. still might come out though, we’ll see. if not i hope everyone has a great time!

  • d e n n i s and l i a m

    i can make it after all!!! michael, liam an myself will be there!

  • Cecilia

    I will be there 1 + dog. Can’t wait!

  • Jim & Judy Purgatorio.

    Sorry for the late update – Please change mine from 2 to 4 people. 2 future Mini owners will be with us.

  • Dustin

    There is ALWAYS room for more.

    The sun is coming out, roads were washed last night, my MINI is washed (by hand) radios, cam, route sheets, full tank, I AM READY TO ROLL! Karen too!

  • Sorry for the very late notice…please add 1 from the land to the North.

  • Dustin

    BIG THANKS to everyone that came today and help make it a great day of sun and fun. I look forward to seeing the pics too. Hope to see many of you next month for the CMMC R/C Grand Prix!

  • Great to see all the new faces, the name tags were great as I won’t remember all the names for next time.


  • Thanks Everyone,

    I had a great time also. The name badges did help. It was nice to see all the new people out there today.

    My new hood scoop and spoiler drew a bit of attention on the way home.
    I was passed by 3 cars of face peirced-devil haired kids in beat up Chevys all with stickers of a boy peeing on the Ford symbol.. They jammed on the brakes for a second look and flashed me some sort of multi-fingered hand sign which I assume meant approval.

  • Francis (MiniMac2005)

    Good run again guys!! Thanks Dustin for putting the route and lunch together. Always love to do a little off-roading with the top-down!! At least we didn’t have any close encounters with any wildlife. I agree with the name-tag idea. With so many people, it’s hard to remember everyone’s name sometimes.

    Great to see a lot of the regulars again. Hope everyone had a good time. We’ll see you on the roads!!!

  • Jim & Tracy

    THANKS to ALL! We had a fantastic time!
    Couldn’t ask for a more beautiful day for the cruise.
    Enjoyed meeting everyone.
    Till next time –
    Hibiscus Hyper Blue…Jim, Tracy & Elwud(woof!).

  • Looks like it was an awesome day, not only the weather but the drive as well. Sorry I missed out, but great to see all the pictures!

  • Rose

    Thanks CMMC for a great day of motoring and meeting new MINI friends, welcome to all the first timers. Hope to see you all soon. Yellow/black/stripes

  • Francis (MiniMac2005)

    Hey Tom! missed you out there! we had quite a few BRG’s doing the run. we’ll see you soon!

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  • Blake

    You are no longer the lost soul. (Why is everyone ragging on you lately?) Now I am. The lost. How did I manage to plug into my GPS Galena and end up in downtown Sugar Grove on a street named Galena. ARGH!
    Great seeing everyone again, thanks for the boooo when I arrived! 🙂 I earned that one! … great pics.



    Sounds like a great event with a wonderful turnout. Sorry I had to miss the Starved Rock tour for the first time, but the dog rescue group I vounteer for had their annnual big event on Sunday too.


  • Jeff

    Another great CMMC event! Thanks to all! I’ll have a few pics posted soon.

  • Jay

    Thanx for the warm welcome from everyone at the event. What a great bunch of Mini lovers! I truly enjoyed the drive and meeting everyone. I once again apologize for fish-tailing out of the second corner, but all was in control 🙂 [IB/W]

    How about doing a run up to the twisties around Spring Green in Wisconsin. There are some killer twisties out there…

  • Rich


    Well, I guess it could of been worse…. I saw the ENTIRE right side of your ride. Kinda scary there for a second or two…. Your correct about the twisties in Wisc. I’d be up for it… But obviously next year for me… My baby has been covered up and put away for the year… She hates the cold. [likes the dense air though!!!]