CMMC Indoor Karting Event Jan 27

WRAPUP:  It was a great day of racing!!  We had several people from the Milwaukee club come down to join us, a handful of new faces, and lots of regulars.  The racing was close, but not too aggressive, and the “backwards” full track layout was fun.  Thanks to all who participated to make this a really fun Team event, and thanks to Dustin  from AutoXCooper for supplying CG Lock seat belt locks to the fastest CMMC team!!

Dustin from AutoXCooper (and CMMC Board Member) has offered a prize of CG Lock seat belt locks to the winning team!!
Once again, it is time for our annual Indoor Kart Racing event at Chicago Indoor Racing!!

We will be racing on the large 1400 foot combined track, and running 16 teams of 3, chosen randomly in a one hour team endurance race.

Here are all the details:

When: Sunday January 27th.

Arrive 3:30-4pm, Mandatory Registration and Briefing 4pm-5pm, Racing 5pm-6pm
Where: 301 Hastings Drive, Buffalo Grove, IL (click the link for directions)

Details: Space is limited to the first 48 participants to register. You must be 18 or over and have a valid drivers license. There is room for spectators to watch and enjoy the action.

MINI Kart Racing

Discounted prices are as follows:

$45 for CMMC members + up to 1 guest.

$55 for Milwaukee Club members + up to 1 guest.

$60 for non-members.

To register, download This form (PDF format) and send a check to our PO box listed on the form.
You can add a comment to this post to hold your spot for a week until the check arrives.

45 thoughts on “CMMC Indoor Karting Event Jan 27

  1. Count me in as always. We should get team endurance back together if Marco is fully healed from the debilitating accident.


  2. Sorry I missed the RC race. Count me in for 2 (Rhiannon and I). Ain’t no way we are missing the chance to swap paint!

  3. OOPS – PLEASE RELEASE OUR TWO RESERVED SPOTS FOR ANOTHER MINI LOVER. Dave & Kirsten got $265 round trip, direct flights to ski in Steamboat. We’ll miss you all. !!!Happy Holidays!!!

  4. You have a spot reserved David!!

    There are about 8 spots remaining at the moment (which may change a little since there are still a couple of unconfirmed requests)

  5. This should be a great event yet again.
    I would like to thank the board for keeping it on the calender.

  6. Great Event! Forearms are a bit sore, I guess I tense up a bit too much, totoally worth the 45 bucks! Can’t wait for next year!

  7. I had a great time also!!

    The racing was competitive, but at a fun level. I enjoyed everyone’s company and the chance to chat and hang out a bit.

  8. This was a great event as always. Need to keep as an annual event at minimum.
    If I had known we had some openings I could have posted to the Windy City BMW board. I know a few folks jumped at the chance last time. We should have a contact list of folks to send requests to when we need more people.


  9. We should have a contact list of folks to send requests to when we need more people

    Good idea Jim. Something I would like to do is to have a time period in the begining for signup of club members/guests, and then a time period at the end where it is open for additional guests and others (if needed).

    That would give all our club members the chance to sign up and the flexibility to draw additional people if we are short.

    We have always filled this event in the past, and even had waiting lists. This time we were hampered drawing in non-club members and a number of last minute cancellations.

  10. This is great event, we need to keep this on the calender next year.
    Great to see everyone again, as well as, meet a few new faces.

  11. Had a great time as always! The big track going clockwise was alot fun. I hope we do it again next year!

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