CMMC Club Elections

The CMMC Needs You! We have several positions open for 2008 and we’d like to invite interested club members to consider running. The open positions are:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • Events Coordinator
  • Communications/Secretary

To become a candidate, please send an email to Steve Rosenblum at  We would prefer that candidates have at least a year’s experience with the CMMC.

Candidates have until February 20th to announce that they’re running for one of the Board positions. We will then post a short bio/position statement for each candidate.
Voting, which will be via e-mail, starts on February 29th and will run for one week until March 7th. Current Chicago MINI Motoring Club members will be able to place a vote for each position.

The winners will be announced at the end of our Spring Drive on Sunday March 9th.

6 thoughts on “CMMC Club Elections

  1. Morning All,

    Just to let you know, I’ve submitted my name to Steve to run for the position of Board President.

  2. I am throwing my hat in the ring for the Vice president spot. My campaign will be built on the, “Let’s have more fun motoring,” platform.

  3. My fellow CMMC members… I hereby announce my candidacy for the position of Treasurer. I am fiscally conservative, but a motoring liberal!

  4. I just threw my hat in the ring to be your Event Coordinator. If elected, I promise to bring you a bounty of funness.

  5. In the last year I have been a very active member of the Club and I believe that this dedication is only the beginning for what I can bring in the coming years.

    I have taken time to develop and test drive routes for events, hosted events, assisted in planning events as well as thinking of ideas that would move the club forward.

    In making the club more efficient I believe that we need a new website that more serves the club. Small improvements like a photo gallery with pictures of people and their cars will help in remembering the name of that one member you met one time two years ago and you can’t remember their name.

    A voluntary private member directory put in place so that if you wanted to ask a question of a member you could just give them a call.

    Online registration and payment of yearly dues has been one thing that members have been asking for. This is not difficult to setup and only takes minutes. This way we could take registrations for event meals for example and be able to keep the costs down for members by offering a lower price.

    I have also been part of the dealers coming around to partner with the club again. I have been talking to folks at the three dealers and they are back on track to understanding why they should be supporting the club now and in the future. Let’s face it, we are some of their best advertising! Weekends when we are driving around in formation and folks see us and think, “what’s up with all those little cars…” case closed!

    These are only some of my many ideas and I will be able to bring some fresh ideas to the table as I will have owned my MINI 2 years when the spring drive rolls around and I have been part of the club the entire time!

    Thank you for reading this and I hope that everybody who is a current member of the club votes!


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