Auto Show February 9th

WRAPUP: A dozen MINIs braved the chilly morning and took a pothole strewn cruise down Sheridan Road and Lakeshore Drive to the Auto Show. We got a chance to see the new MINI Clubman and about 900 other non-MINIs on display.

Thanks again to Knauz MINI for helping us out with tickets and to everyone who came out to make a fun day, including a few MINI friends from as far away as Madison, Wisconsin!!

Photos from: Gabe and Matt | Francis | Arnie and Lena | Anthony |

UPDATE: 02/04/2008 We have about 30 free Auto Show tickets to the first CMMC members who post up with a comment here that they are interested, limit 2 per member unless we have extras at the end. Please plan on meeting us on the drive so I can get them to you. Huge thanks to Knauz MINI for helping us out!!

The Chicago MINI Motoring Club will be heading down Sheridan Road and Lake Shore Drive to the Chicago Auto Show as a group on Saturday February 9th.

Here are the details:

What: the 100th annual Chicago Auto Show, held at McCormick Place

When: Saturday February 9th, we will start the drive at 9am to get to the show just before the 10am opening.

Where: Meet at the top of Parking Garage in the south end of the Northwestern Campus, just off of Sheridan Road.

The address is 1800 S. Campus Drive (click the address for a map)

There is a small road that leads into Northwestern at the south end of the campus, and the parking garage is less than 1/4 mile in. We will be huddled in our cars shivering on the top level (slightly above ground level).

Who: This event is open to anyone that would like to come along

How Much: You will need to cover the cost of parking and show tickets. If you have not already purchased tickets, hold off a little bit just in case something special comes along in the next couple weeks (hint hint, keep an eye on the club website) IMPORTANT: The Auto Show website lists parking fees at Parking Lot A as $16 CASH ONLY. I know they did take credit cards in the past, but please be prepared!!

Why: Just for fun!!

37 thoughts on “Auto Show February 9th

  1. Barbara and I hope to see all of you at McCormick Place. Our MINIs will probably stay in the burbs that day 馃槈

  2. Is MINI doing anything special for us, like the breakfasts of years past?

    At this point, it is not looking like they will be able to this year.

  3. Count me in. Depending on weather may be in the 323it. If tickets come available, please hold one for me.


  4. The Chevy Drives Chicago free tix thing was real easy, painless in fact. And we even got to see a Z06.

  5. 2 tickets here please! Thanks!
    John, should we set a time to meet anyone interested in heading down 94… say at the Lake Forest Oasis??

  6. Hi, this will be my first time with any mini members.. jus bought a cooper s! i’ll take 2 if there is any availible.

  7. Hi, this will be my first time with any mini members.. jus bought a cooper s! i鈥檒l take 2 if there is any availible.

    Congrats on the new MCS. We have tickets for you, See you Saturday!!

  8. Crap… joined in January and cannot make the first two events… I will be going on Sunday if anyone wants to meet up then & there.

  9. Two members from the Madison Mini Group are planning on coming down on Saturday to join up with you in Evanston. Looking forward to meeting some of the CMMC members and checking out the show.

  10. John and I will be meeting up and leaving from the Lake Forest Oasis at 8:10am. (Located on 94, just south of 176) Anyone else welcome to join in our run down to Northwestern and the rest of the club!:^)

  11. Hey Arnie, that’s what I thought, too, but can’t say that in the interst of “happy wife, happy life.” Anyways, $10 bucks a head, a 20 minute trip to “the Liberty” and Tommy and I are good to go.

    Regards, your fellow folicle challenged CMMC member.

  12. sorry steve, couldent be there, ran into an emergency..i will def go to any other Mini Motoring events..see u then!

  13. Thanks to everyone for making this another great event!!

    It was very cool to see the MINI Takes the States photos up at the MINI exhibit.

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